Silently Listen To The Patriarch …

Incentice. There have been many days and however, we want to deny the socks, noisy streets to collect quietly somewhere even in a few short weekends. There was also a time when I was really tired of Chen a way in the dusty time ..

. It was the mood of the days when the street was healthy, eager on the vibrant races. , Nhac lobs have gradually sink. Just or just listen to a car horn, a few sentences are calling each other's dear neighbors
Never the sound of lining every soon as sooner. Even the wind hisses through the trees, I also heard the sound of stir-fried charging leaves. The flock of birds seemed to be more and more dancing in front of the porch, the balcony in the balcony, but it was no longer cried by people who were often seen. It is being returned with quiet, there are moments Peace rare like the desired constant. Yet, strangers instead of that quietness on the day of the day slowly drifted, sometime makes your heart crush. The sound of boiling rice, rustling sounds when flipping every book page, both stirring stir in a cup of coffee soon as soon as a clear. I still remember the street, crowded the street and the noises. You can see, sometimes human wishes have full and greedy bridges. What is familiar to the daily boring, until the loss is so empty. People have a common way to call this silence: very strange days! Because it never happened before, unprecedented in figure makes us surprised
Then like a natural, we have to learn to adapt. Live a little slowly, quietly listen to the patriarchy .Ta observed more than the other disturbances and caught the life of the life of dark, sad, and the story was written in the episodes. I learned a simple lesson that is very beautiful about wrapping, sharing in the "election of each other" love means of the fellow knob. We know how to mind, feeling when they witness their people in the historical "run" repatriation. And then, touching and proud and the hope of looking at a delegation with tens of thousands of policemen, soldiers, doctors towards the South carrying sacks of faith, hope in the match against epidemic, save people Danger, hard ... Things I heard, I feel richer than any book page in life. Maybe in us, many people secretly thank this silence. The rare days have no room for rushing racing, not present in envy, sickness. This moment is really necessary to help us spend a lot of things, worry more, deeper than the face of life. However, no one wants this silence will be forever, because life is still a hustle, hardened. "I want to live a normal life. But normal living is also very fierce." Then in some way, life will soon return like all once. And hopefully, people will change more positively to continue their "fierce" lives but in another dimension. Those are the people who are actually accepting, dare to deal with challenges, less desires to demand, live dedication and learn more gratitude. Only when we know compromise and satisfaction, then we will peaceful. Ta Binh Yen means that we are happy.

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