Simple Breakfast Dishes For Babies 1- 5 Years Old In Nutrients, Enough Fiber

List of simple breakfast dishes for babies 1- 5 years old in nutrients, enough fiber, vitamin will probably help the busy parents that they are lazy eating.02: 00/4: 00 domain Preschool age, many children fall into anorexia, eat not enough substances and especially do not cooperate breakfast before going to school. So parents can refer to the list of rich menu lists simple breakfast dishes suitable for children 1-5 years old below! Breakfast with eggs is not only nutritious foods, suitable taste Young children, but also are processed into a lot of simple, delicious dishes. It can be processed into countless delicious breakfast dishes, eggs: This dish should be combined with green vegetables Meals are enough to broke eggs and vegetables: Mix eggs, salt, spices into bowls, add chopped green vegetables, then pour into cake and baked molds at 200 degrees C in 12 to 15 minutes. In the hole : Use a circular biscuit cutter, cut a hole in the middle of a pure bread slice and put it in a frying pan with some olive oil or melting butter

. Smash an egg in the created hole and wait until the egg is ripe. FRITTATA stands with cold meat and cheese: Just hit an egg with a spice and pour into a non-stick pan. Sprinkle ham and any kind of cheese on top, then cook at medium heat until the egg hunting, no need to flip eggs
Taco island eggs: to increase the interesting part for children's dishes, you have Procedures island eggs and presented with taco shells, then decorate cheese, beans or green vegetables to add flavor. Breakfast with porridge porridge or soup seems to be a traditional breakfast of young children . However, parents should combine with different food flavors for more attractive dishes. High Luong Le: Mix high-quality salary with any milk and cover up with ripe pears. You can also use any seasonal fruits in this dish. Instructions for making nutritious porridge (Mothers should cook white porridge, Process the raw materials from the previous day for breakfast only to cook again, Frequent spices for a few minutes): Dove porridge Chicken chicks Chicken embulling beef eel Put is a popular breakfast dish of children Breakfast with bread bread is a handy dish can be combined with many other foods like eggs, Cold meat, pate, fruit jam ... to supplement vitamins and fiber, parents should prepare a little cucumber, thin cutting tomatoes to clamp together into bread. In addition, drinks such as milk, orange juice, fruit smoothies are also a very good choice for breakfast with bread
Convenient clamps for breakfast of adults and young children. Breakfast with these The type of cake, batteries are 'paradise' of convenient breakfast. Mother can buy cakes such as cakes, dumplings, sticky cakes, shows and a lot of delicious sticky sticks for children in breakfast. However, please note the dessert fruits for these dishes Usually too much starches. Male South has a multitude of attractive young stabbbles with breads with noodles, nuihat like every child likes noodles, nui because of softness and delicious taste when combined with the food Other. Mother can make simple noodles or stir fry when combined with minced ministers, vegetables. Children always love noodles. Breakfast is rich energy, vitamic vitamic parents Also go taste for children Breakfast is fast. Banana and peanut butter factor: Grind the smoothie mixture consisting of a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of non-sugar and milk cocoa powder. Strawberry and butter Multiply: Grinding frozen strawberries with a little almond butter and milk. Green vegetables and unicorns: To get eye-catching rainbow colors to help stimulate children to eat, Make Make a food and pour and o Ly. Gently pull a stripe through the layers so that the color layers link together. Yogurt element: Pour a glass of yogurt into a bowl and cover up with fruits and nuts. Young lazy chewing, breakfast is much more interested. Strange brighten Mother Mother Do not take care of old menoles for children, sometimes new combinations bring positive efficiency. Bright with vegetable stir-fried tofu: This dish is suitable for children who don't like to eat eggs but want a protein-rich breakfast. Parents just need to stir-fry tofu with chopped onions, add vegetables like mushrooms, mushrooms or tomatoes. Some young people are particularly excited with breakfast with a pancake cake (salty taste with these Meat, vegetables and sweetness of jam, honey or fruit). Pancake cake is easy to do, suitable for breakfast for children. Dear Khanh (T / H)

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