Simple Exercises Cleared Insomnia Due To Stress

Stress reduces sleep quality. A non-affordable night can lead to stress. Relaxation tips from French Yoga expert Céline Antoine will help you get rid of this vicious circle.Céline Antoine said: "There are many very simple exercises that can be done at home to help relieve insomnia due to stress" . These articles should be practiced before going to bed to have a peaceful sleep, or in the middle of the night in case of wake up at night

. Helps to relieve your stress for you. Middle mind at the current moment. We can start meditating by focusing on the breath
To do this, just sit down and focus on your breathing movement. When inhaled, the chest and abdomen bulging; When exhaling, the movement occurs in the opposite direction.Ta can also focus on the air quality that we breathe: Observe the cooler air going into the nostrils when inhaling and warmer when going out Exhale. A solution to replace your respiratory cycle from 1 to 10 (Cycle is inhaled and one breathing out) to focus your mind into a better meditation. If you feel the mind His stagnant, start over from scratch. This allows the mind to reconnect with the current moment and regain serenity .Yoga brings a feeling of peace for you.Yoga brings a feeling of peace to the body and mind "Other yoga postures each other helps relax the body and soothe the mind, "Céline Antoine explains, she gives a deep relaxation exercise called Savasana, which can be done before going to bed. Talking on the carpet: Straighten legs, The legs are wider than hips a bit, relaxing ahead. Move the arms out, palms turned to the ceiling
Keep your head on the floor and if your chin is higher than the forehead, place a blanket under to enhance your head: Take the time to make any necessary adjustments to get a comfortable position. After that, keep it completely. Find the silence of the body's not only, but also the mind. Focus on your breath to prevent your mind without mung lung. Breathe "with your belly": When inhaling, feel the swelled belly, and when she exhaled, let the stomach collapsed. Do so in 5 minutes. Then gently fold the knee every one foot and place a flat foot on the carpet. Place your right hand over the head and slowly turn to the right. Use your hands to lift up. Close your eyes and sit on a few seconds to observe the effect of practicing before going to bed. Breathing exercises help relax in the easiest ways to bring calmness to the body and mind . Among the various techniques, Céline Antoine explains the breath with the left nostrils. For this pranayama (from Sanskrit "prana", meaning "life energy, the breath is" Ayama "," to Control "), the way to breathe is Chandra Bhedana, (" Chandra "means" the moon "," Bhedana "," to penetrate, to go through "). The breathing process takes place through the side nostrils Left, relevant to the moon and the ability to receive. When we breathe with this nostril, we will stimulate a part of the capability of the capability. Therefore, I will experience the feeling of peace and freshness, Help relax and calm down. - Sitting straight straight. Put your hand on your left thigh.- Close your eyes. Use your right thumb to gently close your right nose hole. - Start inhaling Breathe slowly and deep through the left nostrils. Continue inhaling and exhale with the left nostress for 3 to 10 minutes. - Then gently put your right hand on your right thigh. Close your eyes and spend a little time to Observe the effect of techniques. See more videos are being passed n mind:

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