Simple Exercises For Eyes

Working so long with computers, often watching TV and making eyes look at your phone is not rested, thereby leading to the risk of eye disease. Here are some simple exercises to help the eye muscles are a gian.0: 00/1: rapid eye NamChop domain 30Nu: Hold Sit back, eyes open and blinked fast continuous 10-15 times. After relaxing eyes closed for 20 seconds to open his eyes and blinked. Performed from 5-10 times to help increase blood flow to exchange views mat

.Thay: Note hold a straight head, stared from right to left and back again, perform this movement 10 times. Then looked at from top to bottom and vice versa (10). Exercise will help launch activities near and far hoat
Nhin components: thumbs up in front and right arm all the way down to his eyes under his thumb. To retain the eyes, slowly moving his hand close to the surface, about 20cm, then moving away at full hand. Repeat this 5-10 lan.Ve image, Scribble eye: Keep straight ahead, focused look at a fixed point in front of the eye and then use the drawing looks like a figure 8 horizontal, square, circle or write letters in his thoughts. Perform movements 5-10 lan.Nhin a fixed point: Always keep your eyes fixed on a point in front, then slowly rotate the head in a clockwise direction and vice versa. Making each direction 5-10 lan.Nham eyes relax: Close your eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds, then open your eyes in 3-5 seconds next. Repeat 10 lan.Lam warm eyes: Rub the palms strongly together, rubbing until hands are warming the palms facing the eye
Do 5-10 times to transmit warmth to mat.Song UK

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