Simple Recipe To Make Vegetable Cakes Of Mangoes

With this formula, you can do the moon shelter moon cake to the whole house to enjoy the whole house. Question- Pumpkin coconut coconuts made 1. For jelly powder vegetables into water, stir, leave 30 minutes for hatch.2. Mango peeled, grab the meat meat into the blender, puree and filter through the sieve for smooth

.3. Make a pumpkin coconut partner: boiled pumpkin, puree. For pumpkin and water into the pot stir together
For further vegetables, sugar, salt stirred, boiled at small fire. Filter the mixture through the sieve and divide into the rhythmic molds (water jelly molds), to form round lenses like salt egg yolks. Leave the refrigerator to jelly again. After that, take the pumpkin part of the mold. For vegetable powder, sugar, fresh milk, coconut milk, water filtered into the pot, stirred and boiled at small fire. Divide the mixture into 2 parts, part to make coconut (white), the rest to color. Note, always keep warm for these two multipliers so that jelly do not weak.4. Put the jelly with a boiled stove for 100g of the entry, stir the tan. When the jelly boils, let the mango water continue to stir
When the jelly water is pleased, it tastes a sweetness depending on the taste and turning off the kitchen.5. Pour a thin layer of jelly at the bottom of the mold. Give the pumpkin coconut part, then pour the jelly filled the cake mold. Wait for a cold jelly, put it in the refrigerator cooler for about 2 hours to completely and enjoy.

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