Simple Steps To Help You Check Your Automobiles At The Sunday House

In addition to the periodic maintenance, some simple stages you can do yourself at home are to increase the life of the car during the season. According to car experts, most drivers are still "Non-hand" is quite embarrassing when checking and maintaining cars at home, they often have psychology waiting to check for a can in the maintenance period. However, the period of periodic inspection time is given only the general nature, while the vehicle operation process has a lot of impact factors that lead to malfunctions and failures. Therefore, to ensure safe driving, the car owners need to note themselves to check the details on the car as follows: Wind filter wind filters are very important parts on cars, with dust filtering function , dirty when the air flow goes inside the engine. As recommended by the manufacturer, this department should be tested and cleaned after every 5,000 km and replacing after the car has rolled 20,000 km

. The wind filter is very important parts on cars, dearly Dust filter, dirt when the air flow goes inside the engine, the time of replacing the engine filter depends on the operating status of the means and filters. If your love is regularly operated in a multi-smoke and humid weather, this department needs to be replaced faster, especially when dust plays into arrays, torn, crushed filters .
. Check dissipation fans Heat in opening the hood, start the car and proceed to observe the radiator fan installed after the cooling water tank to make sure it works. Remember that there is a case when the new engine starts, it is not enough to fan to work so it may not work, to make sure to start the device and leave a short time when the engine is hot enough For more accurate reviews. If the fan does not work, it will also reduce the effectiveness of the cooling solution in the water tank and should be taken to the repair centers to check because this system works more complicated than you think If the fan does not work, it will also reduce the effectiveness of the cooling solution in the water tank check the capo cover and can hold a flashlight or phone light to ensure the light when observing. The work is simply checking the level of cooling solution with a loss and it is best to allow this solution at max. If this solution level is too low, it leads to the fast-hot motor to reduce the performance of the engine. If checking many times closely, it is recommended to have a quick decline in the repair center. Cure to check whether the radiator has leaked or not. Tire tire tire ensures sufficient normal standard pressure, every 2 weeks should add steam to the tires to ensure tire pressure. The tires are too young or too tight that can cause problems such as fast and fast broken tires, while affecting the ability to control your car
The cars are now equipped with a lot of scenic systems. Tire pressure newspaper but to save costs, this option is also cut a lot and you need to actively check the tire pressure. Or can be equipped with electronic tire pressure gauges or standard format, along with portable tire pumps that run the battery or use 12V power port at the car spare parts. Usually, every 2 weeks The time should supplement the steam into the tires to ensure the tire pressure inspects the wetting this is also a job that many people ignore until the detection of aging rubber. The simplicity and no time consuming is only clean cleaning the wiper after a few days of use. In order for a bad activity wiper, it leads to inefficient windshield hygiene to limit the vision of copper driver's vision Time can also scratch, damage windshield. There are also scouts that are uncomfortable. Normally, the rainwater wiper is about 30,000 km to change the blade for its working efficiency, but there are cases that must be replaced sooner. Life for water wipers to note: Do not use when the windshield is dry; Do not use gasoline or solvents to wash the wiper blade because the blade rubber is rapidly aging; Should add regular glass washing water to make sure the lever does not work in dry conditions. These are the quite simple jobs of automotive users and should regularly check to avoid from stretching errors Larger implications and extra repair costs are not worth it. By Thu Ha, 29 minutes ago

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