Simple Way For Delicious, Non-fat And Special Fish Hotpot Pot

Carp hotpot is a delicious food, a simple way to do it. But many people do not handle the taste of the fish hot pot. The weekend you how to eat fish hotpot is just delicious and not fat to finish the smell of the smell so that everyone is difficult to resist the attractiveness of fish hotpot food.0: 00/4: 06 namtheo sister Le Thi Kieu Trang ( Peace), the weather is dry, will be cold, so the souls eat very cravings of the carp hotpot are both delicious, lightweight, the aromatic aroma is very delicious. Carp is delicious, attractive, way Extremely simple remake

. At the end of the week, or houses with guests instead of using a grilled, fried, steamed carp, warehouse, the strange carp hotpot, fragrant sweet and sour sweetness of the hotpot will make the whole house cozy together in cold weather. Carp hotpot used for guests and sums in the weekend .
. all, how to do very simply. Data for carp hotpot pots. Photo: Trang Le.Cach 1: Pole carpet sauce Making a delicious, non-fishy, non-fat carp is as follows: Raw materials (4 people eat) Carp: 2kg (buy half-side part The head of the big child), or the rendered fish, the river fish are the most delicious. Tomorrow fish eggs: 300gr can add nonos: 5 tubers: 4 Package of Japan: 1 pack: 1kgrau, banana flower, spinach, Tomatoes, 1 onions, turmeric powder. Tomato 3 fruits include: batch, sudden alcohol, seasoning seeds, main noodles, fish sauce. The bones and heads are tight. Pieces of Thai pieces are both eaten and marinated with seasoning seeds, batches, turmeric, minced peppers, hashing and pinching. Put cleans of vegetables
Young Thai thin. Has the dishes to the dish for beautiful eyes. Seasoning fish seeds, fish sauce, turmeric powder. The carp is very attractive on weekends, or when it is cold. Illustration. Lemongria and stir-fry and fried with the fish bones marinated into, the island all gave it to the spices. Add boiling water and twisted the fire to boil steadily, soil down the fire and put the foam to the water in. Drop an additional half onion, or drop on onions into the hotpot pot to delay fish taste. The tunnel adds 20 minutes to the fish bone out of freshwater, ripe fish meat. Nine ripe, added alcohol, seasoning for taste. Customize each house, but leave the sour taste and eat well will be delicious. When eating the whole segment of the tunnel and lemongrass, adding tomatoes, satellite, then dip vegetables, fish, cartilage ... Delicious fish sauce made the fish hotpot more attractive. Artwork. How to make water sauce sauce: 1.5 spoons: 1 Thenachanh: 1/2 result: 5 cloves: 1 small root: 2 fruits for all the ingredients on the pureer (note is not for water ). With this type of fishpot of this fish hotpot will be attractive to the whole family because it is very delicious, taste and not fishy, no fat. Mouth for the following: Raw materials (4 people eat) Carp 1.50kg Batch of 100gr and sour 5 fruits Chicken 500gr2 Fresh chicken 1kgN a teaspoon 1 tablespoon, wedge seeds 1 tablespoon, white sugar 1 tablespoon, salt and salt. Spoons are, onion, careful water, chili 2 fruits. Clip cleaning fresh carp, drained. Disk.- Put fish into fused fish but only fried up to nine re-picking out to get into oil absorbent paper for oil flowing. 1.5 liters of water. Boil the head and fishbone into Ninh with. Leave IU sound fire for about 1 hour. Just modify and turn foam for true carp hotpot water. For tomatoes that stir-fried into the pot of carp hotpot, wedge in a slowly eat and eat the wedge seeds, sugar, fish sauce for fish hotpot pots with sour, sweet of chicken bones and fish, hotpot Hot, eat and eat very delicious. When eating, let the carp fried crisp into the hotpot. Carp hotpot eat very delicious with fresh vermicelli. Hunting meat, soft, dotted with a cup of salted fish sauce, very well meals on the weekend, or when it rains, it is cold and cold together with each other very happy and cozy.

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