Simple Ways To Remove Scratches On Automotive Glasses At Home

Small scratches on automotive glasses can be removed with a number of simple ways at home with products such as toothpaste, nail polish, ... 0:00 / 2: 57 Nou southern regulation to determine the scratch Scratches, you can use your fingers to the glass surface. When a scratch is determined, whether it's big or small, you should mark the position with the adhesive tape or pen can be deleted and have a fix plan as soon as possible

. Small scratches on the automotive glass All can be overcome at home. Source: IndianautoTrong In case of deep scratches, you should soon thanks to the help of repairs to avoid glasses that can be dangerous and cost more. For small scratches, you can handle themselves in one of the ways to be instructions on the side of the scratch removal of glass repairs using glasses for glasses is an effective and comprehensive method to handle pretty scratches Deep without affecting the glass surface
Substance rubs from the repair kit on scratches. This compound will react with glass that can seal scratches. After applying rubbed compounds, wait for about 30 minutes. After that, you use a soft towel to clean the medium area. The transparent nail transparent nails are the most amazingly salvage to help you remove the scratch of the car and it is easy to do. Has the effect on mild scratches. Transparent colored nails are the most amazing wing that helps to remove the scratch of the car and efficiently. Source: Indianautot, you need to apply some glass to wash glass on the glass surface, then use a soft cloth to wipe along the scratch. After that, use the palm head of the bottle of paint with a sufficient amount of nail polish and applied on the scratch. When the water paint is dry, you will see the original scratches on the automotive glass surface that has been reinstalled
Kem toothbrush toothbrush is a common alternative that is often used to remove scratches on the glass. However, just like nail polish, toothpaste can not cure deep scratches. First, you should clean the scratch surface and ensure the surface is completely dry. After that, apply toothpaste on the scratch area and use a soft towel to rub the circle movement for about a minute. Wipe the excess with a damp towel until the surface has no redundancy. In this way, basically you have eliminated all small scratches. KEM brushing is not only to teeth whitening preparations but also to remove automotive glass scratches. Source: Indianauto Removal of this acrylic product will cause chemical reactions with the glass face, filling scratches and restoring the original condition. First, apply the product to a cloth and rub around the stain Scratched in a minute. Remember not excessive surface polishing. Then, let the detergent operate for 30 minutes. Complete the process by cleaning the odds. The glass scrub is the main substance used in most scratch removal products on the glass. To remove scratches, you apply a little compound to the fiber towel Moistened. Next, rubbing the scratches according to the circle motion a few times. Make sure the pressure is allocated evenly on the surface. It is important to keep the surface always moist while rubbing. Perform repeated a few times in a few days. This method will make you take longer than other ways and requires very carefully. However, the results are deserved if you apply correctly. It should be noted that this substance can be abrasive, you should use carefully and don't use too long. In addition to overcoming scratches, glass scrub compounds can also be used to remove stubborn dirt above glass surface.

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