Singapore Became An Ideal Place For Bitcoin Pellers

After the Chinese government opened a campaign to suppress encrypted money, many Bitcoin excavators decided to 'migrate' to Singapore.0: 00/1: 54 Southern National Financial Times, while Chinese government opened war Translation to fully encrypt money to encrypt, Singapore welcomes the appearance of "pre-encrypted economy". Not officially licensed for pre-encrypted companies, Singapore government still exempted from a large number of companies in the pre-encrypted industry, allowing them to serve investors and sellers Local retail. GIC government investment and Temasek investment company spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the field of encryption. The Singapore monetary also supports cashier extraction groups to establish and provide services to people in the context of limited transactions

. Singapore transactions have even launched 2 investment indicators Encrypt on your system. "Encoding coach from all over the world recognizes that Singapore is welcoming this kind of encrypted property," FT quoted a founder of a pre-encrypted company based in Singapore. Singapore "immigration" and recruiting more than 200 personnel in this city
Photo: Bloomberg.Overmanized license in Singapore, the world's leading trading floor published a recruitment of more than 200 personnel in the city on LinkedIn last June. Vilatik Buterin - Establishment of Ether coding - set a company headquarters in the Lion Island. OSL - Hong Kong-based trading floor - aims to double the number of employees here until the end of this year. "Prerequisite conditions for excavators is about regulation issues. Singapore is clear and accurate about how they participate in the encryption market and digital property ", Kanny Lee - OSL Head of Office in Singapore - said. According to Jeremy Ng - Director of Gemini, Singapore Large financial center in Asia with abundant customers. "Many asset management companies have demand for co-encrypted solutions," he shared. For company leaders of security and trusting bitgo encryption assets, if not weaker of natural resources, Singapore can become "formidable opponents" in the field of cement. Do

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