Singapore Establishes A New Investment Fund To Attract Capital To The Stock Exchange

Establishing a new investment fund of more than 1 billion USD is one of the initiatives that Singapore has just announced, in order to attract businesses 'with high growth prospects' in Asia to list the Singapore Stock Exchange. Photo: Afpsingapore is currently the preferred listing point of real estate investment funds (Reit). But for technology - one of the world's leading attractive investment sectors, the Singapore government has had to jump to pull technology companies to listed in this island. "We had merits Technology company operates very successfully, for example as nanofilm. But we want to see more technology companies, "said Loh Boon Chye, CEO of Singapore Stock Exchange told CNBC

.Nanofilm TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL is a company specializing in providing smartphone screen and TV protective materials. The company launched the Singapore stock market last year and this is the first large-scale IPO trade in real estate investment funds in the past few years. In an effort to attract companies From many other areas to listed, the Singapore Government on September 17 announced that they will join the Temasek State Asset Management Group (directly under the Ministry of Singapore) to establish a new fund to support the The company mobilized capital through offering shares to the public, including in the form of offering for the first time of public outputs (IPO), secondary listing, and dual listing in this island
New will start with the original capital of 1.5 billion in Singapore dollars (equivalent to 1.1 billion USD). Also with that, the Singapore government also implemented many other initiatives. Accordingly, EDBI - the company specialized in the Singapore Economic Development Committee (directly under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Singapore) intends to establish a new fund to invest in the "Later-Stage Companies" (the companies are in The stage accelerates to dominate the market and won the market share) and has a listed plan in Singapore. In the Singapore, the Singapore Monetary Authority will also increase grants to help companies reduce costs Listed. The Singapore Stock Exchange will support high-growth companies to conduct individual capital mobilization before public posting. Evaluation of the above initiatives, Singapore and Commercial Minister Kim Yong said: " We know the initiatives we are deploying are not miraculous bullets. "" But we believe that initiative will blow new winds into our public company trading market And variable SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange - BTV) is not only a viable option but also an attractive option for creative growth companies looking for a public listing destination ", Ministry Chief Lan Kim Yong stressed. The liver Kim Yong said there are 4 Singaporean startup companies who have become "Startup of Unicorn" this year after being priced from $ 1 billion or more, outstanding among them is the background Carousell online trading platform
The Minister of Industry and Trade Singapore said that companies start up and other companies across Asia operates in areas with high growth potentials will "mature" and can find lines listed on the mass market in the coming years. So, "We will try to attract these companies to Singapore," Mr. Gan Kim Yong added.

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