Singapore Girl Became Widow At Age 26

Less than 4 months after the wedding, the husband of Alyssa Reinoso (Singapore) suicide, let her struggle with pain and time to find the balance of 1.00 / 4: 42 South "Hello, she wanted Where do you go, "the taxi driver asked." The house sends a crematory ash ", Alyssa Reinoso replies." Do you visit who is there? "" My husband ". The driver turned to look, eyes full of eyes Confused

. It was one of the Alyssa incidents often encountered with strangers 4 years ago, when she became a widow at the age of 26. Tyler Hung, her late husband, leaving when he was 29 years old due to suicide. At that time, two married people have not been 4 months old
"At first, I had to fight with how to talk about how strangers. If I don't say anything, I feel like I'm trying to dismiss Memories of him, "Alyssa told Channel News Asia. After her husband's departure, finding a balance in life was harder than Alyssa thought. Many are cool when died, Tyler has a long time living with events 2 Bipolar Disorder - Status causes extreme and unusual changes in mood, energy, concentration, affecting the ability to perform a person's daily tasks. In memory of Alyssa , the other half is "foreign-faced, energetic and confident". However, he also struggled with suicide thinking. Alyssa left at the age of 29, nearly 4 months after the wedding. About 2 weeks before died, Tyler began to see a psychologist to take medicine. Hearing her husband sharing the situation was much better, Alyssa felt peace of mind, thinking that the two were on the right track. However, after once got out with you in the evening, Tyler was forever not returned
The pain of himself, Alyssa was also facing the reaction of others, often the comments around She became a young widow. In that, someone said because she was young, she could get married again; Strangers wondered that she wore a ring at the youngest finger; There are people who asked her parents why their daughter still grieved while reminding Tyler on social networks 2 years after his day died. When he started the current job in 2 years ago, the new environment, colleagues It also made Alyssa many times to fall into awkward situations. "People ask if I am sticking with no one, when I received the 'no' answer, they continued to ask. I immediately said because my husband I died. At that time, their dinner face was very fast. "Support some experts identified with Channel News Asia that in the concept of many people, a widow is often the one who has been old. Therefore, when facing a young woman losing the other half, not everyone knows how to treat it appropriately. "People can feel that the death of an older woman's husband is the natural process, usually Due to old age. Therefore, they are often unexpected, do not know how to behave before a widow of age 20, 30 ", Edwin Lim, Executive Director of WiCare Non-Profit Organization, comment. Besides, according to him Lim, when meeting a young widow, everyone's following thinking is that she can die "not naturally", like suicide, accident or illness, which affects every way The person who reacts to the pain of the woman.Alyssa takes a long time to get used to the pain of the other half. "In fact, those who are grieving just want someone on the side, holding their hands and saying: ' I don't know how that feeling, but I'm here, '"Joan Khaw, Alyssa's advisor, said.Theo Ms. Joan, everyone did not need to say hollow flute comments or to protect her He can start his life again. If the recovery is so easy, everyone can quickly move on yourself. To help a young widow, Ms. Joan suggests it to talk about happy memories of hidden people if they are loved ones. "When thinking about the late partner, of course the wife remembers about the great times. But when they were too painful, the first memories showed that the sadness was often sad, sometimes the sin of the person staying ". Viasau the departure of Tyler, the pain is something Alyssa has to opposite every day , Even a few weeks for her to start accepting the truth. While Tyler's friends worry about the funeral, she had to find a way to arrange business, notifying shareholders and customers about death husband.tyler does not leave the will. About 5 months after the incident, she started to ask a lawyer to handle the relevant procedures. "Becoming a widow means my life changes, but for everyone The surrounding is still ", she shared. Looking forward to finding a balance in life thanks to the community of common people. Learn, Alyssa finds the support she needs through social networks. She Accidentally meet a young widow community through hashtag

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