Singapore Researches Vaccines Not Mrna For Third Injectation

Singapore is studying the possibility of using vaccines other than Vaccine MRNA as a repeated injection. This country is negotiating with suppliers to get more vaccines of these types. According to Senior Health Minister Singapore Singapore JANIL PUTHUCHEARY on September 14, the Ministry of Health Expert Committee on Covid-19 vaccination is " Actively study a mixed strategy of non-vaccine Vaccine mRNA ", according to Channel NewsAsia. Also, the Ministry is also continuing to observe domestic and international data, especially the risk of adverse reactions, Before proposing to be repeated for other population groups. Expert Board is also studying whether another vaccine is effective when the injection is repeated

. Some studies have shown feasibility. "We are negotiating with suppliers to get enhanced vaccine nose outside Vaccine mRNA. Some types are preparing to be registered to PSAR (a special approach to the pandemic), "said Dr
Puthucheyary, said.PSAR allows medical scientific agencies to temporarily use vaccines to use in Singapore. Chinese Vaccine Sinovac, an inactivated vaccine, received permission in June after being approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) in an emergency in an emergency. The Vaccine is not mRNA in the name WHO Emergency Use Books include Virus Vaccine such as Oxford-Astrazeneca and Johnson

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