Singapore Variables Durian Shells Into Antibacterial Bandages

Scientists at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore are turning the shells of durians leaving the antibacterial bandage. The process is conducted from the extract of cellulose powder from the durian shell after they are sliced and Dry, then mix with glycerol. This mixture becomes a soft hydrogel, then cut into antibacterial bands. William Chen - Director of the Food Science and Technology Program said: "In Singapore, we consume about 12 million fruits Durian every year. So in addition to the flesh, we can't do much with the shell and seeds, which has polluted the environment

. The shell occupies more than a durian fruit, they are often thrown away or burned or burned, contributing to creating environmental wastes. "Antibacterial bandages are created from the durian shell - Photo: Reuterong Chen added that this new technology also Recyclable waste of other foods, such as used soy seeds and grains used into hydrogel, helps limit waste of food.So with conventional antibacterial tape, Organo-hydrogel tape can Keep wounds cooler and humid, help speed up the healing process
The antimicrobial resulting from fruit shells helps to save more costs than regular tape - Photo: Reuters Researchers said the use of substances Waste from fruit shells and yeasts to make antibacterial tape to save costs moreover than the production of normal tape, has antibacterial properties from expensive metal compounds such as silver ions or copper. Master William Chen, Director of Nanyang University's Food Science and Technology Program in Singapore - Photo: Reuterstan Eng Chuan, a durian dealer, said he sold about 30 durian bowls every day in the crop, equivalent to 1,800 kg. He also shared that the use of commonly removed parts of a fruit is a new change to help consume these fruits become "more sustainable".

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