Singer Ha Anh Tuan As A Competition For Children With Cancer

Ha Anh Tuan is a member of the jury of the competition of the painting, literary compositions for children who have or are treating cancer, dangerous diseases of 9: 00/1: 56 nam southern region Winning is a contest of painting and literary compositions for children ever or treating cancer, serious diseases, aged 4 to 16. The jury includes: Singer Ha Anh Tuan, Thai My Phuong Painter , Cao Xuan Son poet - Director of Kim Dong Publisher in the South ... and members in BTC

.ca Ha Anh Tuan shared, becoming an ambassador as well as the jury of the program for a Vietnamese Nam Tat Thang is his honor, helping him live fully yesterday and tomorrow. "In these days, when all Vietnamese people are facing a pandemic challenge, we need these 'Stem cells' for rebirth. For Ha Anh Tuan, children are 'stem cells' of society
In particular, with children who carry in their illnesses and other incorrect diseases, we feel the fire desires strongly burning more than ever ", Ha Anh Tuan Ha Anh Tuan. Participating in the contest for a victory, they are free to show their ability to pass painting, poetry, stories, comedy, write a letter or scrap ... The contest does not limit the number of works And the form of attendance. Each child can send many works (paintings, literature). The product can reflect in the clear, realistic view of things, surrounding life or desires, hope for the bright future. Optimism, love, in your work will be a meaningful gift for the community, especially the medical doctors of the epidemic epidemic, cheering Vietnamese people agreeing, strengthened with epidemic Faith about "A Vietnam sealed" in front of Covid-19. The organization began to receive entries from August 8 to 10/20/2021
The winning works are expected to be published on September 25, 2021. The contest is expected to attract 1,000 exams (both paintings and articles). The organizers will select 2 special prizes, the total value of 40 million VND, 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 6 third prizes and many other awards.

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