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Southern singer said he and his wife decided to break up due to the differences in lifestyle, views 9: 00/2: 11 nam of September 14, exchanging with Zing and Lam Vu confirmed the divorce of Huynh Tien . "It's been a year ago. I have long been hidden because I don't want a noisy family, everyone talks. But more than a year passes, I and my ex-wife are psychologically balanced, there is a private life. Sharing is also necessary to do not affect the lives of both, "he said

. About the cause of Lam Vu and his old wife decided on the way everyone, he admitted because they both have differences in thinking , Live views. Vu and wife during the wedding. Photo: Ba Ngoc
Anh Ly Ly: "Actually, we recognize difficulty in harmony after life. We also try to change because they can not be. So both decided to release each other . We parted in civilization, respecting each other. Hopefully, the frequency will grow and sympathize with the decisions of the parents ". No such things, the distance is also a big problem with him and his ex-wife . Over the past two years, prolonged epidemics make him unable to pass the US to visit his wife and children. He thinks that due to the situation of living far from each other so his husband and wife feels faded. "In marriage life when there was no general voice, without understanding and sharing, it was better to be divorced. What Lam Vu and Huynh Tien selected
Currently, daughters in the US with my mother. I and my ex-wife determine not to scrape the right to raise children. Hay.Nam singer shared: "Saying this maybe people do not accept but my opinion is that parents must be responsible for children. Who adopts congregation means self-sufficient care conditions , worry for your baby ". Vu Tam The after breaking up with her wife, he finds psychological balance by participating in volunteering activities with your team. . Every day, he plays 200-300 gifts to people in Ho Chi Minh City. Each gift consists of rice, noodles, white, canned fish, milk, vegetables. He hopes to epidemic early controlled to life back to normal. Vu Vu held a marriage in May 2018. He and his old wife know each other in the party in Las Vegas, USA. Southern's ex-wife is Huynh Tien. She lives and works in California, USA. She was crowned at the Miss World World Miss World in 2015.

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