Singer Lou Hoang Was Paralyzed

Singer Lou Hoang made fans and friends and colleagues worried when sharing about nerve nerves 7, half-faced nerves were moved in: 00/1: 46 namca singer Lou Hoangtheo, evening 14-9, singer Lou Hoang (famous for many hits "What is yourself", "foolish love" ...) suddenly shared nervous nervous numbers 7, half face doesn't move. Many artists and audiences are very worried about Lou Hoang's health

. This singer said he was having a face paralysis, affecting the gland, oral mucosa, nose, almost salivation, taste ..
then, Lou Hoang did not reveal any more information about Health situation. Very many audiences and friends have kept sending words to this singer, suggest that he tries to acupuncture methods.Lou owns many hits who are loved by the audience. Popular in recent years and possessing many hits. Lou Hoang used to share him always carrying in his family, relatives because after years of the art path has not yet done anything to be proud. Through difficult processes to persuade the family and affirm their ability. The most memorable is to decide whether he persuades his parents to sell houses to invest in art. Huang said to convince their parents to be extremely difficult, especially when the family did not want him to under the CA sing. However, because of his passion, after 2 years, his parents agreed to ask for this to invest in investing in the music products. Hoang Hoang still has a lot of guidance with the family Successed as expected so far, Lou Hoang said he was still afraid to face the relatives
"Fear of the most is the breaking of. Feeling in the rice tray sitting with relatives or families , Naturally see the child of people who buy the parents of the car, this is the other, and then have long been asked for children to buy a house for his mother yet. Even knowing it was a commune question but I still Very sad. That's why I really go home, so ever succeeding it, "- Lou Hoang expressed.

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