Singer Ngoc Son Announced His Father’s Special Will

He was thrilled: 'Oh Hien Father, who is a temple with a warm sunshine in the lives' when sharing the will of Cha.0.0: 00/2: 16Nam Southern Southern Son Son' Love Cha'00: 00 / 05: 24 Vu Lan Season, singer Ngoc Son for the first time revealing the debt will be declined. In the will, Cha Ngoc Son wrote: "Divine - Hien - Hien, Son, Hai, Ha. When Ba goes far, you should remember the three words: Germany - Tri - Body - America

. I pay attention. Perform enough. Remember this question
Don't miss it. And our father has a sentence: 'The sample situation is a sacred life, the brotherhood is like a cloak .di Wish the touch of Father Ngoc Son.Cha he wrote since his mother Ngoc Son from Minh Hai province (including Bac Lieu Province and Ca Mau Province Currently) According to Ngoc Son on the city with two white hands, be happy Ms. decades are thanks to your child care full. For him, the children are very happy. When he had to go away, Cha Ngoc Son left for children of poems and sentences from briefly, which he considered the 'most precious' assets of his, hoping for the 'enjoying', leaving him in the stream Gold An Thousand Thousand Thu.Hai Dinh Ngoc Son.Cha Ngoc Son died in June 2015. He paused singing a while to overcome the shock after helping his father's funeral
Since then, Ngoc Son poured out of love for his mother. In July 2021, his mother died in Vung Tau for old age, enjoying 78 years old. At that time, singer Ngoc Son was having to be isolated because of a Covid-19 case and could not return to his mourning. Ngoc Hai's brother replaced him to worry about his mother. Before 2020, Ngoc Son announced she welcomed her mother from the US to Vietnam. Ngoc Son mother visited her daughter and cure tumors in the neck. During the course of treatment in the US, Mother Ngoc Son was reacted by two substances of special treatment drugs due to non-compound. Since then, her health is weakened, not eating unable to drink. Ngoc Son used to produce a fees in the phone and revealed to more than $ 10,000 for a day of the hospitalized mother in the last 6 months. Learn Son and Mom. Then, 3 brothers Ngoc Son Looking for ways to arrange her to bring her to safe water. She was isolated and dedicated doctors cure for 14 days at the 58th Regiment (Quoc Oai - Hanoi), then she returned to Ho Chi Minh City to continue treatment and follow-up. Ngoc Son is not only a child who is hospitable but also gentle and lived in his family. You are the one who helped, supporting siblings from going to school until building a career, buying a house ... there are times when you shoulder the family on the role.

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