Singer Y Jang Tuyen Died

42 male singer breathed his last on the morning of 20/9 after a month of treatment Covid-19.0: 00/1: domain 32Nu NamChia Share with Zing, she Ta Thi Hang - Y Jang Tuyn wife - said the singer 20/9 days lost at 8h17 at Cho Ray Hospital. "On 18/9, the doctor announced that he has progressed positively. But until 17 pm yesterday, the disease started getting worse. This morning, he was far from my mother forever

. Now, three disheveled mother , do not know how, "she said in member countries mat.Dien Dinh Y Nhung said the news shortfalls colleagues leaving. She shared: "Bye singer, songwriter Y Jang Tuyn
He was on the mountain. Read the news but sad too" Y Jang Tuyn .ca officer died after a period of treatment Covid-19.Y Jang Tuyn diagnosed Covid-19 in early May 8. his wife and two children also SARS-CoV positive for-2. The family was taken to an elementary school in District 12 isolation. After two weeks, his wife and two children singer tested negative and were returning officer nha.Ca Ba Na was taken to Hospital No. 13 treatment field. Doctors must put technical ECMO (heart-lung) for him
Then, exacerbations, he was transferred to Hospital Cho Jang Tuyn Ray.Y born in 1979. He won three competitions each Sao Mai 2001, the third prize Television Singing in 2003. He is the editor of music voice of the people of TP.HCM.Nam singer Highlands bold voice, filled with emotion. In 20 years of singing, he had launched many music products such as Nostalgia plateau (2013), We sailors (including the compositions of musician Quynh Co, 2013), Hoan ca spring (2015) ... Hai Thanh

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