Single Collection, Buy Together To Become Online Shopping Trends In Pandemic

Many people in the apartments, the motels began tending to buy orders to save shipping fees, buy more goods in the context of Ho Chi Minh City Limited Traveling 09: 00/3: 32 Southern Tram (Binh Thanh) stay alone in the quarantine city isolation, difficult shopping. For essential goods, she bought on the application and switchboards of supermarkets. However, when craving for the coffee of a specific brand is not available. "Yesterday I was asked by your home with the same order. One of the groups to buy food from Vinmart, including Kiosk of P

.L coffee should order more, "Tram said. As a result, the group of friends has diverse food and drinks when they have to stay at home in the season. A person asks for a common
.. duck eggs, many responding. (Screenshot) The "general purchase", "single collection" is gradually disseminating in apartments or residential communities. Due to the restrictions out, a person will represent a large order to buy orders, then return to friends, neighbors. Uyen (Tan Binh) said, this season is completely at home, even though Coupons go to the market but have yet to step into a supermarket. When buying via online channel, supermarkets near home almost no green vegetables, only fruits. Therefore, she must order green vegetables from the outside source. Sales of green vegetables, fruits often ship large orders 10kg or more, rarely delivered small single. Therefore, Ms
Uyen and some friends must go together. A group of 3 people will order a tens of ten green vegetables, then return to the reduction. "If you don't find the same buyer, buy 3kg of vegetables that money transported by 50 thousand, then charge too," Ms. Uyen shared. Trivia in Saigon, many people are familiar with online shopping, ordering through the app. However, these channels only meet basic goods, dry foods, very few fish meat, green vegetables. In particular, some kind of daily snacks of people like snails, seafood, noodles, noodles, vermicelli ... It will be hard to buy more. "There are times ... ducks, but don't know where to buy. Sell only one single 100 eggs, do not ship. So I have to post to the Facebook group in the apartment to find a common buyer, "Ms. Phuong (Tan Phu) shared. The whole apartment bought more than a hundred duck eggs, every house about self boiled. This translation, people in apartment buildings, inns are much benefited because residents often have groups on social networks. Whoever buys the goods can find people shared again. Anyone who misses something can also ask to find the source of sale, then put it together. Open the latest way starting from August 16, the city for opening the production base, in which the bakery Noodles are sold back. Bread in the oven sells 2,000 VND / drive, but must order hundreds of newly delivered drives. So the apartment management board of Ms. Phuong posted into the chat group, asking for residents needs. As a result, only one floor alone had more than hundred drives to deliver. Representatives of the Management Board will bring each bag to hang in front of each apartment, then receive the transfer to ensure 5k. However, many people are not in the community areas but are also saving food supply For friends when needed. As Ms. Ngoc Thien (Binh Thanh) always has a stable food purchase since before the translation so far. Thien Thien often buys large orders and for division, hoarding, enough for home 4 people to eat more than a week. Therefore, some friends are unique in the group who often asks you to buy help, then ship to the house. "Well and buy a large orders, then divide it to some of you at an Khan stage rare food. Recently, the purchase is also removed because you are used to finding the purchase source, "said Thien. Especially, after the city for shipper delivered essentials to the county, the delivery of food is more favorable than before . Buyers of food drinks beginning to have more shopping channels, the transportation is also more comfortable among areas, making "going to market" online less than before.Hai post

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