Single Parents Have New Love, How Do Children Support?

Single parents with new love want to be supported by children to have a child to conquer the child. And the following, the more single parents needed to know.02 / 4: 08 nuancha Mom wanted to go, I didn't accept the death 5 years ago, during that time, Ms. Hoa was raising me big. So far, two children have grown up

. She said, she recently met a friend who studied at the same age, he was divorced his wife and lived alone for many years. After returning for a while, both of them have affection and he wants you to live together. "I also have feelings for him and hope the children support, accept it
But they say don't want me to" go step Another ", the children will take care of their full mother. I don't know how to talk to the children so they accept my aspirations," said Ms. Hoa Nguyen Van Phuong, 50 years old. Father lived for a few years when his wife lost because of traffic accidents. Lo for his wife "Beautiful grave", he spent all his love to her daughter. Life kept smoothly drifting, her daughter was also in the final year. At this time, Mr. Phuong arises feelings with a woman selling in the market. The relationship of both increasingly, he wanted to "go another step". Wanting your child to support his relationship, he repeatedly led the woman to play the house but he still hadn't received a daughter's approval
Things to give themselves And let him, she considered me to be a mother, the father really was what many single parents like Ms. Hoa, Mr. Phuong Tri. The fact that his parents go to steps to always face fierce reactions from their children is normal psychology. Sometimes this delicate affection does not find a common voice that conflicts with children, the relationship of intestines becomes strange. The illustration of Psychological Psychology Le Thi Tuy said that not anyone Like any child and any family situation is the same. The most basic reason causes the majority of children do not want their father / mother to go to step is afraid to lose feelings, afraid of sharing the affection that he has. The loss happened earlier when one of the two parents died or divorced was too much for the children so he wanted to keep what he had. Furthermore, the children are also afraid of not or on the scene of "aunt scabies, husbands" or their stepfather relations ... to be supported by their children with single parents with new love want to be supported by children, according to experts mind Ly Le Thi Tuy must have a process to conquer the child. How do children find themselves continue to be loved, living in a safe and cozy air that are enjoying. Both need to clear their intentions, even small children. Initially be able to explore young, for children to think and then gradually speak the truth. For a new husband / wife's own child, if it is a quarter that has given 1/3 of the road. But not so that the subjects think they have easily become their new mother or "father". It is important to conquer children still need honesty. Once the child feels fooled, the emotional creation is difficult to recover, maybe even in the heart of hatred. Term, right from the US Vice President before marriage with the one already 2 own children have to have a child conquering process. Ms. Kamala has thought a lot about the moment, how will meet the children for the first time. She placed herself into its own positions when they understand that they find it difficult to make their parents decide to date with others. She spent many efforts for you to know that she respected them. In the first meeting, she was mixed with the children. The husband's two children find her always wrap your tangerine without being happy. They have given a nickname for her "Momala" to show his love. Psychologists also advise, in addition to honesty to respect children, put their positions into understanding, thereby corresponding Praise. You also need to remember, who is a new person who should always show the attitude of respect for the child's parents before to create close, become "the same side" with children. Need to treat children fairly, do not show any small distinctions in the case of "your child, my child" from words, gestures, attitudes, jobs ... when living together will be psychologically Or new mother can be very sad when the child tells about his father and mother. To overcome, people who have to determine sooner or later will have to receive information about their spouse "old people". And to avoid dump trucks, it is necessary to live sincerely, levels, tolerance together, with children and accept the defect restrictions of new spouses because "cadrade". According to P.Theo (

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