Single To Hold White Teeth Whether You ‘addicted’ Tea And Coffee

Yellow teeth make you lack confidence when communicating. Don't worry, just equip the tip below you will have a radiant white teeth. Because these are dark and easy-to-stick drinks on the tooth enamel even if it is cleaned regularly. So how to drink tea, coffee does not dull colored teeth? The following article will provide you with a few useful tips. Using the smoking pipe If you regularly drink tea and coffee, remove the habit of drinking directly or controlling your drink in your mouth and then swallowing

. Because this will only make your teeth fast, easy to appear plaque. Instead, use a straw to prevent the contact between coffee with teeth, reduce yellow tooths to the maximum. In a short time to read books, chat with friends, sip Cup of coffee is the Department of many people
But in fact this is not good for your teeth at all. Your sipping cup of coffee or tea for a long time will make those drinks chance to stick to your teeth more, for a longer time. Shorten the tea and coffee time if you want to keep the bright white teeth. Nushing the water filter after drinking coffee you should maintain a sip of filtered water after using coffee or tea. The date of contributing to washing the plaque on the teeth and repels the stain immediately. Furthermore, the filtered water is limited to the feeling of sour mouth after drinking coffee. The gum gum can not only help keep the breath of aromatic tho but also protect the teeth between meals when you can't use ice cream brush teeth. Furthermore, few people know that gum also helps eliminate plaque, excessive feed sticks to the teeth, thereby reducing the weakening of the enamel and overcoming the daring of teeth after taking tea And too much coffee. Baking sodabaking soda is capitalized as a multi-zi powder, including the use of light whiteness. You just need to use a little baking soda to sprinkle on the toothpaste then use this mixture to brush your teeth in the end, so clean and clean with warm water
Only a while later, you will officially say goodbye to the dull teeth, yellow.Loan (synthesis)

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