Sink Across The Border Crosses The Manche Strait, England – France ‘kick The Ball’ Responsibility

French and British authorities are all 'pushing' responsibility to rescue, despite the despair from despair from the last survivor's victims.0 of the year. In the tragedy of submersible migrant people crossing the Manche Strait from France on August 24, including a pregnant woman and 3 young children. Recently, Mohammed Shekha, 21, one of the lucky victims to survive has revealed shocking secrets about the last rescue call. The sinking of migrant people crossing the Manche Strait is a migratory tragedy The most serious since 2018 in the interview, Shekha said he and 32 others were taken to the train to the coast near Dunkirk at the dinner on November 23

. Most people on the boat are Kurdish people, some people from Somalia, 4 others from Iran's Kurdistan, 2 Egyptians and a person from Vietnam.Shekha tells: "Everything is perfect until early morning . The water from behind poured into the small boat and our team tried to knock out the water out of the boat
A large ship appeared far away and many of the group wanted to swim there under the cold sea but couldn't. At that time, a 16-year-old Iraqi man named Mubin Hussein tried to call to find help from hopeless authorities "Mohammed Shekha - one of the only two people survived in the sinking Revealing the attitude of British authorities - France before the case "We called the French police and were asked to send positioning positions, but then they said that we are in your territorial terraces so they don't Can do anything. I continued to call British officials but they also refused and leaned in France, "Shekha said. After the crazy calls with the authorities, the boat was overflowed by water, losing nearly air and Cannot move before the water pushes it back to France. It was when all falling down cold sea water and victims save each other by gripping their hands for hours. However, this could not last long, many of them died before a rescue boat of the French coastal week appeared. Omer (behind) is the rest of the way to survive After the case of Shekha, the rest from Somalia named Omer, the only two people survived pulled up from the water in serious and exhausted thermal humility. The most people since 2018, when many migrants started using "illegal boats" to cross the unauthorized Strait of Manche. A French sea rescue boat salvaged the body of bad victims. Photo: Dailymail Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed "shocked and horrifying" before this affairs and calling for France to "do more" to prevent illegal migration from France through the strait to England
Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron pledged this country to "not let the Manche Strait become a graveyard" and emphasize him to participate in this situation. However (according to Dailymail)

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