Sinking Fund: Savings Method For Users

For those who are still trying to save for many different goals, sinking funds (sinking fund) can be a suitable option. With those who are still trying to save for many different goals, funds Sinking (Sinking Fund) can be a suitable option. Main points: In personal finance, the sinking fund is considered as a method of saving for specific goals in the near future. The total amount of accumulation time of sinks supports you to achieve the short-term goals, more careful in consumption and manage spending habits on theory, if you want to buy a phone cost about 20 million Without paying installments, only need each month to save 3-4 million dong, you can fully own immediately after 6 months. With the average salary of office staff, this is not a big problem

. But, the reality is not so easy. The reason in the savings process, we often have extraordinary expenses such as money to celebrate the wedding, farewell gifts, the sale of the middle of the month, repair the laptop, .
. these expenses outside this plan It is the "culprit" that makes us go away, goes forever without going to buy your new phone's goal. And so, every time you have a goal of saving, financial professionals encourage us to use What is the sunken fund. What is the sinking fund? In personal finance, the sinking fund is considered a method of splitting savings with specific use goals, according to The Balance. By separate the amount of one side You will avoid using them for temporary goals, not really necessary. This is considered a safe net, helping you have a budget and orientation for your income. Different from the Sinking Fund and Savings Account (Savings Account) basically, these two relative items same. But the biggest difference between submerged funds and savings accounts is in a saving engine and accumulated time. The Simple Girl's Guide page classifies them as follows: The sinking fund is considered to spend the short term, set for an upcoming specific expenditure. User savings are usually aimed at long-term accumulated, yes Can use for a variety of reasons or for a large shopping in the future
The steps to establish a Subminent FoundationRachel Cruze, Financial Consultant, Author "Smart Money Smart Kids" is on New York's selling list Times 2014, share 3 basic steps to create a sinking fund: Step 1: Set a goal of saving money. It can be specific goals like 50 million new cars, 20 million Singapore tourism after translation , or the reasons undefined money as wedding costs, medical examination costs when needed.Secon 2: Choose the place "hide" money. If you plan to open a bank account for the sinking fund, please consider choose The banks do not charge a monthly maintenance fee to avoid the fund. Sception 3: Calculate the amount needed to enter the Fund every month. To know how long it is It will use funds. Get the total amount to be divided by the number of months / weeks you are still critical from here to issue the amount you should be for the monthly sunken fund. Return to the first card, suppose you want to buy a phone 20 million At the end of the year, from now to Christmas you have about 5 months. Thus, according to the above formula, your sinking fund will be 20 million: 5 months = 4 million / month. Every month after a salary, you need to 4 million this into the fund sink and forget it. At the end of the year to buy a new phone. Personal demand, you can do the same with other goals. However, possessing too many sinks that are easy to dispose of your salary, extend the time of contribution and greatly affect the living standard. With the exact amount of money such as medical, repair houses, nests Wedding positions, ... You just need to estimate the amount you want to prepare in advance and try to save it to achieve. When using it will be supplemented without, The Balance suggests. With unexpected expenses, if you can aim and prepare funds for them well. If, no, have an emergency for emergencies, separate from the sinking fund. The benefit of the sinking fund to buy the most visible benefits of the sunken fund is to hold your hand before "down money" For an item that excitedly, limiting the cost of led to debt. In the process of accumulation for the sunken fund, you can change your mind or find a better price option. Guaranteed to achieve the necessary targets for each goal before your eyes will help you Make sure what I want during the time. Avoid cases of lifestyle inflation, just accept paid salaries, there is no clear preparation. Also when income changes in the economic situation fluctuates, no one ensures its income will always be stable. Action to close funds in the residual months will support you to reduce financial difficulties when income has changed unexpectedly. Operate the habit of spending the money to make money into the sunken fund with a difficult part with some people , especially those who are often owed

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