Sister Tried To Singer Wanbi Tuan Anh Sad Because He Could Not Return To Burn Incense For His Brother On Death Anniversary

Singer Wanbi Tuan Anh 'felt regret' because he couldn't leave the incense for his brother. Today 21/7/2021, round 8 years of loss of singer Wanbi Tuan Anh. On Quynh Mi's facebook page - sister voice her eyes, she shared the family's anniversary photo with the same state of regret. Specifically, his sister Wanbi Tuan Anh confided: "Demonstrate 2 people. How to take 5 minutes ride still not to go home"

.em girls trying singer Wanbi Tuan Anh has shared in the 8-year death anniversary of his brother. Because Ho Chi Minh City is implementing social ways to follow instructions 16, people are limited to the road, so Quynh Mi cannot return to burn incense for the late brother. Under post, many friends left a comforter, comforting her
Wanbi Tuan Anh and sistera Si Wanbi Tuan Anh real name Nguyen Tuan Anh, born in 1987. He owns a sweet voice with a handsome face . It can be mentioned that the songs have made his name like: eyes, losing, thank you, ... singer Wanbi Tuan Anhwanbi Tuan Anh discovered increasingly poor eyesight since 2009. The diagnosis is tumor in the pituitary in the brain - the rare disease, the world averages a million people with a person suffering. Nam singer used to treat in Vietnam, Singapore. In October 2012, the 8x voice caused fans to unexpectedly when declaring holidays due to sickness. On July 21, 2013, male singer paved the last breath at home in Ho Chi Minh City, enjoy 26 years old
The departure of Wanbi Tuan Anh left a lot of injuries for relatives, colleagues and fans. His leave to leave a big shock in the Vietnamese entertainment industry

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