Sitting On Her Boyfriend’s Back Between The Subway Station And Turning The Clip ‘showing’ Tiktok, The Girl Received A Surprise Reaction

The action of the girl has created a variety of opinion ideas on social networks.0: 00/1: 20 namun tiktok account @ Sti1es unexpectedly famous on Instagram when the Subwaycreatures channel shares a shocking clip of her . On September 18, Stiles posted the clip he wore a blue two-wire shirt and the white jeans on the platform, but the beautiful look of the young girl did not make people amazed with the scenery below. In the clip , A man is kneeling against his hands on the platform, and stiles casually sitting on his back. "And they said that no longer men on life," she annotated with videos

. "Accessories need this summer is a 'boyfriend' chair". The clip has attracted hundreds of comments. One said: "I hope she did it because of the pathology at the feet
If not, she should have sat on the ground. "Others believe that the other man is not Stiles' boyfriend but only hired to play to play. "Maybe that guy gets paid to do so. This is not polite, this is the submission ", a commenter." Acting like that in public is not okay, no one around you want to see this, "another person added. The next person agrees: "I don't even want my husband or boyfriend to treat me like that. "Stiles didn't explain why the bizarre action at the subway station, but said she was surprised When his photo spreads on social networks.

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