Sjc Gold Price Increased When The World Price Declined

SJC gold price purchased - sold at the end of October 7 increased to 57.15 - 57.85 million dong / tael, while world gold prices decline to 1,752 USD / oz.0: 00/2: 17 domain Namgia translated at the beginning of this morning (8/10), Saigon VBDQ Company listed SJC gold prices to buy at VND 57.15 million / tael; Selling prices are 57

.85 million dong / tael, equal to the price at the end of October 7. Purchasing price difference - SJC gold sale is VND 700,000 / tael. Current point, Doji Group listed gold prices to buy - sold at 56
85 - 57.75 million VND / tael, equal price Buy and sell compared to the end of the previous session. The difference in buying - selling gold in Doji is at VND 900,000 / tael. On the world market, gold prices increased slightly when listed at 1,758 USD / oz. Redeemed at USD price at Vietcombank, 1 USD = 22,860 VND, the world gold price was equivalent to 48.41 million dong / tael, lower than the price of SJC gold sold 9.44 million dong / tael. Yellow price in the country increased sharply The trading session on October 7. ** The State Bank on October 8 announced the central exchange rate of Vietnam dong with USD at 23,165 VND / USD. Currently, the Reference Rate at the SBV's Exchange is 22,750 VND / USD (buying afternoon) and 23,810 VND / USD (sold)
Price of USD / VND in some commercial banks today Popular 22,575 - 22,860 VND / USD (buy - sell). On the world market, US Dollar Index (DXY) - The measure of the power of the green coin compared to other key currencies at 94,130 points. Fluctuation of the domestic gold market, in the world market, gold prices suddenly declined. At the time of opening trading session 7/10 (US time), the gold price listed on Kitco was 1,752 USD / oz.quility to exchange the world gold price at the USD exchange rate at Vietcombank at the time of reference: 1 USD = 22,860 VND, the world gold price is equivalent to 48.25 million dong / tael, lower than VND 9.6 million / tael compared to SJC gold price sold at the end of October 7./. Nguyen Quynh /

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