Sjc Gold Price Is Nearly 11 Million Vnd / Tael

The price of SJC in the country continuously increased rapidly and decreased slower than the world gold price movement, sometimes even moving the development of world gold prices pulled the difference between SJC gold and the world Up to nearly 11 million dong / tael - the highest level ever in advance instance.02: 00/1: 30 Southern region about 16:30 on November 25, in Ho Chi Minh City, PNJ Company quotes gold at 59.45 million VND / Purchase volume and VND 60.15 million / tael sold, an increase of VND 50,000 / torality of buying and reducing VND 50,000 / dimension to sell. Sale time in Hanoi, SJC company listed gold price at 59

.45 million copper / purchase number and 60.17 million dong / volume sold, an increase of 50,000 dong / tael both buying and selling compared to the end of the previous day. On the world gold market, the gold price in Asia market On November 25, spot at $ 1,795
6 / ounce, this price after converting equivalent to nearly VND 49.3 million / tael, lower than domestic gold price of nearly 11 million dong. Mr. Huynh Trung Khanh, High level advisor of gold board Gender in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, the difference between SJC and world gold prices is increasingly high due to SJC gold supply in the thin domestic market, difficult to meet when the demand increases, especially when the gold market in the gold market Water is not connected to international. With the current high difference, investors and people who buy gold in the country will be very risky, even if in the long term, buying gold is still considered to store property , preserving capital in front of high inflation pressure.

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