Sjc Gold Turns Down, At The Lowest Level Since The Beginning Of The Month

The central exchange rate between Vietnam Dong (VND) and US Dollars (USD) on September 14 was announced by the State Bank at 23,130 VND / USD, up 17 dong compared to yesterday. 15Nam Southern in the domestic market, gold prices remain stable in the first session. At Saigon Gemstone Gold Company, Gold SJC is at its lowest level since the beginning of the month. SJC gold listed 56.55 - 57

.25 million dong / tael (buying - sold) in both branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. 9999 SJC gold rings at 50
65 - 51.55 million VND / tael, Phu Quy Company listed SJC gold pieces at the lowest level from the beginning of the month at 56.65 - 57.65 million VND / tael (Buy - sell). Slipped round rings 999.9 Price 50.04 - 51.60 million / taeled / Tantring. The Doji Gemstone Gold Union, listing gold bars at 56.6 to 57
7 million dong / tael (buying - selling). The difference in buying - sold is 1.1 million dong / tael. September 14 (Vietnam time), the world gold price is at 1,790.6 USD / ounce, slightly increased before inflation data of America is announced. Next, the US retail data expects the 5th announcement of the information of interest. Also, other important data sets such as NY Empire State Production Index (Wednesday), along with the index Industrial production and unemployment data (Thursday) and Fed Philadelphia's production index are also waiting for, many analysts still keep neutral views in the short term. "In the next week, gold is anchored around USD 1,800 / ounce. During this period, the growth expectation will decrease and expect inflation still. This will be a good environment for gold", strategist of goods TD Securities Daniel Ghali said on Kitco News. On the currency market, on September 14, the State Bank listed the USD central exchange rate at 23,130 VND, up 17 dong compared to the previous session. Commercial, specific, Vietcombank (head office), the USD price listed at VND 22,640 - 22,870 VND / USD. Pioneer bank listed the USD price remained at 22,625 - 22,868 VND / USD. In the lowest area since the beginning of the year until now.

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