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Is it necessary to spa so that the skin always meets Thanh Xuan Standard? 0: 00/5: 21 Southern replies are simple formulas: Persisting scientific knowledge about skin care = unexpected effect. Surely you will achieve the desire that still keeps the budget without deficit because of the high bills of the beauty salons. Although it is sometimes you should also reward yourself for skin care trips at a reputable spa, of course when Covid-19 translation has passed 5 skin care not to be ignored1. Many people think simply, every day washing his face 2 times, about 15 seconds each time is satisfactory. That's wrong

. Experts recommend that, have to take a minimum of 3 minutes / 2 times a day to clean up dirt on the face. The steps need to do: Make the hair back to the back. Item hands on the water and rub it all over the face to wet the entire area for cleansing solution (milk, gel, mouse) into the palm, massage foam Then rubbed evenly through the face
Spend a minute of face massage with the solution according to the circle motion. Rub up more closely in oil-sized areas (2 nasal wings, forehead, Thai Duong). Note is gently rubbing. Use cold water to wash your face, keep the water on the face and take the hand to pat the face for 1 minute to use a soft cotton towel to lightly absorb light throughout the face, do not wipe for rubbing ( Although light) is also easy to hurt this sensitive skin. Concept periodically: This is an extremely effective exfoliation and should be done once a week. Steam will help its own dead cells, do not irritate the skin. If you have conditions you should buy a small steam machine, if you do not "saunate" the following are also useful: embed a cotton towel (a little thick) into warm water, squeeze lightly Water. The headscape on the face and relaxing for 5 minutes. The towel and to dry the face of naturally dry. A secret of aesthetic experts is every time a sauna do not forget for a few drops of essential oil Incense into water
This essential oil will help repel the harmful bacteria for skin. Using the appropriate skin care mask: 2 times a month, you should "spoil" your face with the type of mask suitable for the nature of the skin. Masks are considered to be simple skin regeneration but bring unexpected effects. The mask is completely possible because you are self-prepared with the formula and the material available. For oily skin and have a lot of acne or peeling: using ordinary yogurt, no sugar as a mask. Lactose is found in yogurt that limits acne bacteria. Mask for 10 minutes, wash face and then apply salicylic acid cream for dry, dull skin: Use almond oil for skin care. Use a piece of almond oil absorbent and slightly skin skin; Massage according to circle motion within 15 minutes; To raw and relax for 5 minutes; Rinse the appropriate milk surface; Apply moisturizer containing lactic acid. For those who or makeup, almond oil is also a mixture of mixture: mud mask suitable for this skin type. Apply a mask for 10 minutes and rinse the usual water surface. No need to apply a cream after applying the mask.Da sensitive, easily reduced: After washing with cleanser, mixed with a mixture ½ cup of fresh milk ½ cup of black tea penetrates into a cotton and covered towel Boss on the face for 10 minutes and then rinse the usual water surface. Don't miss the roses: After washing your face, sauna or masking, the skin becomes extremely "thirsty", so necessarily Be ignored to apply roses. Use a makeup of makeup to penetrate roses and rub it all over the face (especially noticing the forehead, chin and cheek) for 15 minutes (if dry cotton must repeatedly add rose water). Applying roses not only tighten pores but this is a moisturizing way for skin very effective, minimizing the impact of aging processes. Regular moisture, science: Time of applying moisturizer The most reasonable is that after the skin has been cleaned (through cleansing steps (or steaming, or masking) and applying roses. Pay attention to the selection of moisturizing cream. On the face but own The eye area must necessarily choose the special cream and apply a combination of slight rubbing cream around about 5 minutes to work better.4 steps to clean the body to "sweep" clean cells before entering the bathroom : Listening through seemingly unreasonable but this method really brings effective, especially appropriate when in the dry season. Simple way of implementation: Before bathing, win 10 minutes Use a soft feather brush rubbing The whole body, special attention to the dry skin area (foot tube, heel, forearm, elbow, ...). Experts asserted, such body rubbing is not simply how to push L UI Dead cells on the skin but also the effect of each day to win 30 minutes of body massage or 10 minutes jogging to increase the skin's firm firmness. Buzz in goat milk or Epsom salts , roses, coconut oil, baking soda ...: Drop me soaked in the bath with one of the materials t

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