Skin Care For Babies Properly

You want to take care of the skin for babies properly, please keep in mind the following. Source: Internet Internet is very thin: The skin of babies is only slim with 1/5 compared to adults and can see blood vessels under the baby's skin. With a fragile skin, the skin structure is unstable, the baby's skin is very susceptible to allergies or leses to the elements from the external environment; young skin is often red and wrinkled: the cause because in newborns, Baby's skin fat has not been fully accumulated so the skin of children is not stretched, sandal cuticles go down because they are not supported by the fat. After a few weeks, when the skin fat was formed, the baby's skin would be poriginal and smooth and smooth; there are many white thin skin bubble: when in the womb, the baby's skin is covered by a class White membrane, helps protect your baby in amniotic water environment. When the baby was born, this white membrane was rubbed, dry and peeled

. This is a normal situation, so parents don't need to worry; newborn skin has a hairy: along with white membranes, the fluff grown on your skin helps to protect your child before the effects of amniotic fluid. Some babies will fall near all of this coat when they are in the fetus but they will be born with this coat. This coat will disappear after the baby is about 1-4 years old; grows a lot of acne: The layers of acne on the baby's skin are very small, white like pearls
Milk acne is not dangerous and can disappear after a few weeks or months. If after 3 months, the milk on the skin is not disappeared, parents should take the baby to check for accurately. Skin care for babies for children in the true newborn baby should not dry the skin daily Baby's, should keep your baby's closed area clean and gently wipe your baby's face. Can let baby shower from 2-3 times a week when a baby is 1 month old in the wind-closed room with warm water with a temperature range from 37 - 38 degrees C. should only use shower gel for children and children Newborn, should not use soap because it is possible to dry baby skin. When newly born, babies often have a layer of ivory white matter covering the skin to keep heat, protect and protect baby skin, help Nourish your baby's skin The first hour after birth, so waiting for 24 - 48 hours after you should clean it cleanly. Choose a good diaper and carefully care for the skin wearing even when diapers are not dirty or diaper capable Good absorbent, moms should also change diapers regularly for babies after 2-3 hours and instantly after babies. When changing mother diapers need to clean your baby's buttocks, use a soft towel to dry and dry new diapers, avoid letting your baby's skin creates conditions for bacteria to develop. Good paper diaper, fast and dry absorbent ability. Use the right diaper product with the size, weight of your baby, avoid choosing the wrong size or smaller offensive for your baby when wearing
I specially designed specifically for infant skin, newborn pads Jo Newborn is certified at medical, with soft soft material, does not irritate, scratch baby skin when used. Diapers have fast authentication, reverse waterproofing, breathable to help the surface always dry absolutely. Newborn Newborn diapers also contain billions of silver nano molecules that kill virus bacteria, protect your baby's skin from having. Transtained bottom membrane design and easy air circulation. The intelligent side-sided walls with flexible elastic elasticity prevents the effectiveness when they are lying or moving. JO newborn pads are suitable for the most sensitive newborn skin. Using the effectiveness of baby lotion using baby's dedicated cream, absolutely not using mother's lotion. This will affect the young skin of your baby. Using the right amount of dosage and regulation. The use of lots of creams is not good for baby door skin but also very waste. Mom should only apply a layer of moisturizer for babies after bathing or before going to sleep in the evening. Natural cream with natural ingredients, limited with scent or smelled scent, without smells Lavender, vanilla, lemon or orange. Select products with ingredients that are mainly extracted from natural herbs, benign substances. According to experts, the cream with the main ingredient is honey and milk is best for efforts to learn thoroughly components to avoid products with allergic to babies. Buy small treasures first to try Because each baby's skin is not the same. Select the prestigious and genuine addresses to buy baby cream. The mothers are absolutely not cheap, but choose the product with unclear origin. In addition to using moisturizing ice cream, for those who no longer use breast milk, pay attention to additional water for babies because water is the city The main part of the skin is always soft and smooth.With children with local or eczema dermatitis, the frequency of ice cream need more than 3-5 times / day. Even when you see your baby's face with red or dry signs, you can continue to apply a thin cream layer. Sunflower / T

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