Skin Care Mother Will Not Be Miserable If You Know These Problems

Women always like to beautify even during pregnancy. Mother elected skin care should know these problems to improve skin Now.00: 00/3: 47 men's skin care elected skin care need to be equipped with enough knowledge to take measures to improve the dinner maturity after pregnancy , Sister's skin usually becomes darker, leaving vitality. The cause is due to the change of hormones in the body, especially estrogen secreted many black pigmentation stimulation, resulting in dark skin phenomenon, even appearing many brown spots on the face. The skin in this situation should not be too worried

. The early Pregnancy will have typical symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, vecting, anorexia and skin changes. This is a normal phenomenon, you should pay attention to eating enough nutrition and a reasonable rest. Normally, the stretcher will be markedly in the last months of pregnancy
Because the fetus has grown quite large, the womb is big, the organizations under the skin are tugged at all levels, elasticity is also poor. Now, the skin surface will gradually form long and deep wrinkles, can distribute many places on the body such as abdomen, thighs, chest, etc. Stretchers make the mother elected confidence in appearance as well as possible Pain if serious. You should supplement enough nutrients and avoid carrying a heavy object, physically physically moving. After cleaning, you can use moisturizer or stretch cream for pregnant women, gently massage for minutes. The reason is that the change of hormones causes endocrine disorders, acne acne. In addition, some sisters due to the lack of science, also doing more serious acne. You should limit foods that are strongly stimulated or greasy. Besides, personal hygiene problems are also necessary to help skin clean, reduce oil and dirt, bacteria clinging to the skin. This stage, mother also does not necessarily use acne cream to avoid fetal influence, instead, use natural masks to improve
This is one of the issues to care about Skin care election. The source of skin allergies can come from food, dirt in the air, pet fur or some external agents can cause other irritation. If you only have an allergy at a mild level, you can master Cave to avoid pathogenic factors. But if heavy, the mother elected to the hospital to be carefully examined, the doctor can assign a reasonable medication and tell you the necessary abstinences. It can be pregnant. physiological change. Estrogen affects the transformation process in the body, causing some material that is not well eliminated, long-term accumulation causes skin itching, which can be accompanied by dry, cracked or blisters. You should see a specialist to prescribe a skin applicator. Skin care for pregnant women needs to well do these basic points to limit the problem of choosing a dedicated product as a dedicated product For pregnant women, you should also pay attention to the components in which there are no strong stimulation, choose the prestigious and most prestigious brand, so there is a designation of the obstetrician. Additional nutrition in pregnancy, Mother also needs to pay attention to drinking water every day to ensure the transformation process in the body, making the skin kept moist. Water shortages can also be a skin drying agent, skin rift or itchy skin. The effect of the effect of black pigments during pregnancy is quite high. Therefore, the mother elected should do well the sun protection to reduce ultraviolet rays into this pigment stimulation. However, sunscreen should be limited, you can wear long clothes, glasses, wearing hats when going out to protect the skin. Merchant use of pregnant cosmetics, mother's immune system reduces, The shield for the skin is also weak. If you use a regular cosmetics, some harmful substances cause skin damage. In addition, cosmetic abuse also affects the healthy development of the fetus at a certain level. Important skin care election is still paying attention to the meal, reasonable rest to increase resistance . This is a factor that helps you improve your skin from within without depends on drugs or cosmetics (FamilyDoctor)

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