Skin Care: Which Paper Mask Is Best For Your Skin?

Currently there are many types of skin care masks, in which paper masks are one of the cost-effective and efficient skin care products along with rapid use in just 30 minutes. / 2: 45 South Southern to have bright, smooth and healthy skin, women who cannot ignore the mask when skin care. In fact, each different skin will have the types of masks created corresponding to that leather texture. Please refer to the following products for your skin.Da Oil For Oil Leather, you have two options: use alternating between tea plants and natural honey masks

. The tea tree mask will help soften your skin on your oil ball. Meanwhile, the honey mask contains moisturizing properties that will help clean pores and prevent excessive sebaceous glands.Da dry is used alternating between lemon masks, masks and masks Seaweed
Lemon mask contains lightening properties that help moisturize the skin. The seaweed mask purifies and moisturizes your skin, and aloe vera is famous for its skin soothing properties and optimal softness. Sensitive to sensitive skin, the best you should use all kinds The mask does not contain flavoring so that does not irritate the skin such as potato masks and chrysanthemum tea masks. It is known that the potato mask contains a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, zinc can help soothe sensitive skin. Chrysanthemum tea mask will help smooth and cool down your skin.Da mixed mask of grease butter, olive mask and green bean mask are suitable masks for mixed skin. All types of masks contain cleaning properties, helping to prevent excess oil accumulation and enhance moisturizing for your skin.Da is acne with acne skin not to miss the face Rice mask, makgeolli mask (Korean rice wine) and avocado mask. Rice masks contain starch, protein, B vitamins and amino acids while avocado masks contain vitamin E and Lecithin. These properties help your skin look exquisite, prevent acne and keep the skin without being wrinkled and aging with your wrinkled skin and aging, red wine mask, Vietnamese mask Quat and pomegranate mask are really useful
These types of masks will help reduce the expansion of pores while firming the skin. Antioxidants in these components will bring berries on your face and prevent your skin from falling dull and tired cucumber masks, tomato masks, masks Broccoli and red ginseng mask are masks rich in vitamin E and other brightening properties will help make your dull skin and fatigue become fresh, soft, moisturized by type Removing dead cells and brightening skin from deep inside. The coarsely raw leather with rough texture should be taken care of with lotus masks and green tea masks. These types of masks help reduce peeling skin and provide your skin moisturizing properties and help increase radiance for your face ./. Luong Tram / (translation ) According to Times of India

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