‘sky King’ F-22 Raptor Is About To Be Lost?

F-22 Raptor is likely to be absent from the US arsenal in the near future.F-22A Flying training. Photo: Wikipedia United States owns two unstable aircraft-dominant aircraft lines, F-22 Raptor and F-15 Eagle. But when considering the plan to buy a new fighter to strengthen the capabilities of the squadron, this force still prioritizes the Eagle option instead of Raptor - which is dubbed the "King of the sky". This has been placed Out Question: If the US can buy new F-15 fighters - the fighter line has been put into use for nearly 50 years, why don't they seek to buy new F-22? known, Previously, the US Air Force had intended to replace the legendary F-15 Eagle fighter with F-22 Raptor

. Placing on the weighing table, the F-22 Raptor is still an airplane that can dominate the world's most powerful.F-22 is actually leading the game, but this does not mean that the US Air Force will join Increase their number in the arsenal. Initially, the US Air Force intends to buy 750 F-22 to develop a powerful interceptor aircraft filler for the 21st century
But when the US realizes this country needs Connecting concentration for other priorities instead of being deep into the war against rebels and terrorism, the need to use a modern combat aircraft also becomes urgent. The USA has ended the program. Shopping F-22 in December 2011. At that time, only 186 units were handed over. This day after nearly a decade, the number of F-22 fighters existed in very little American arsenal, despite its reputation. Of the 186 F-22s were handed over, only about 130 units were operated and present, the number of F-22 is ready to fight only at 2 numbers. In the next time, the US Air Force is likely. There will be no F-22 Raptor to add to the squad when the remaining aircraft become old. Every F-22 flying hour anywhere in the world will make this fighter go closer to the time of retirement.Tham the US Air Force, Charles "CQ" Brown has stated that: "soy sauce The hybrid of the air force will not participatory F-22 Raptor fighter "
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