‘sleep With Men How Much Is Enough’, The View Of Thu Hoai Causes A Stir Of Social Networks

'As a woman, just be generous and become miserable for each other. Don't be spicy, grim, and startled and looked back, those words were on my own life, ', Thu Hoai VietNam.02: 00/2: 16 nam nam nay here, on personal page, Miss Thu Hoai There have been sharing about love, marriage attracts many interest from public opinion. Stepping out of love affairs, marriage crashes, women always have many experiences, lives and valuable lessons. This makes the shares of Thu Hoai receive attention from the online community

. On the personal page, she frankly expressed her views: "Sleep with how many men are enough, do you?" Accordingly, Thu Hoai said: "Measuring personality, the value of the herd She was nothing to be cowful and humiliated by counting what they had existed how many men passed through their lives. Because, love and live are never sin ". In the shared post, Thu Hoai expressed that she Want to on behalf of women experienced more than one love affair, more than a relationship responded to fake ethics, "Your life, perhaps only knew a man? congratulate you , You are an awesome ancient woman model
In the modern times, civilized women, are academic and successful, where anyone still bothers about the conception of a few hundred years ago? "For Thu Hoai She said that women, boldly to live their own lives. Dare to love, dare to let go, dare to pay for happiness. Not miserable where the house hugs the choice, just for fear of the world. Woman like that, pitiful, blaming, not worth learning! "As a woman, just a lot of things and beyond the identity for each other. Don't be spicy, grim, and startled and looked back, Those words are on their own life. The woman who does not say strongly before it is a safe station, only to brush with the waves to find it. And if you have a woman, if I can't Relay for each other with little faith, too share too. Where, you will sometimes need a sympathy, sorry. Because you are also a woman, she is writing. Less comments, interaction
Many people expressed their agreement against their views. Women's dignity, not measured by the fact that she had experienced how many relationships. In the life of Thu Hoai, she also experienced many marriages, a broken love to find "legs Ai "of his life. Wedding with the poor boyfriend of Thu Hoai in the US is a "sweet fruit" for this love!

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