Sleeping Stew

The story of soldiers was still a lot, before just telling the sadness, today asking for something 'bought'. Believe it or not? Custom! 0: 00/5: 50 Navigen HAPPY Illustration of the Internet source about soldiers is still much, before just telling the whole sadness, today asks for a thing "." Believe it or not? Customize! For delicate reasons, the name of the person and the place does not necessarily use the real name right, even the claim to be "I" in this story is not sure who is telling. Games 1972, I'm fine for the public team The basis of border guards in Nghe An province in charge of a large area of 3 coastal communes with a reconnaissance lieutenant and a new Sensman from him raised. In addition to ensuring political security and social order in the area, it must be combined with other armed forces to build a whole-population world dealing with the enemy situation or for "counterpart" words Insert the sea

. So, earlier in 1968 in this waters had happened a collector swimming into kidnapping / c to the commune, then there was a mocking sentence. "(East village has been going into the song" HAPPY on Nghe An "of Tan Huyen's land, because the artillery team 37 has shot the fire of the enemy) (?). According to the plan, I'm tonight and upper The old doctor will have a militia test of QT Cooperative Practice the seascaded patrol
After the afternoon, I don't forget to bring more blankets and cotton clothes to deal with the northeast monsoon. 2 teachers "horse nails, people suck" secretly round to the edge of the water, nestled after the rocks and crawling into the area we knew there was a guard. Previously have the language of talking, I'm sure It will take a few guns to give the militia a lesson. Suddenly there is a big overview: - Who? Stand, raise your hand! Then there's a sound on the bullet. Knowing that was revealed, we hurriedly shouted: - The police station! Hi the comrades! - Oh you! Hurry ... I glanced at the person who discovered that she only saw every solid body of a girl who was wearing a braking with each sea, the face was also sunk in the night of the sea. Pretty praise in the stomach "Pretty!" Fire militants were largely female, some of them were probably a husband, only one men, which was a 16-year-old man. After praising the spirit of warning, we asked the platoon to repeat from the beginning of the entire patrol and guarded contents
It's all fine, I and the older Senior shared 2 directions to practice some hypothetical situations. By about 12:00, exchanging the last comments with the two guards, we take off the cotton shirt to give up the guards in the session, the bandist glars "go to sleep"! The cellar for the team is deep underground , quite cramped. The basement is only enough for two people to lie. We lay the pillow on the backpack, guns based on the tunnel. The older senior had breathed evenly that I still couldn't sleep. Partly because of "strange home", partly because cold. The wind from this tunnel door took the tunnel door, covered the blanket and the wind was still in the pants. I suddenly thought that I saw the militares who were roaring standing down there. It also has to occasionally go weeks. I thought. "With us now this time maybe they have shared each other. Now they gave us a sleep again "! I heard, I heard the voice of a girl who was clumsy, then a cold hand slid on with a quiet" Oh, let me stay with ". It was not yet answered, I was pushed aside, a body was caught up, causing me to be sandwiched between one side as a girl who didn't know. The sensei knownly took the face on the wall, just waiting for that, I turned to lie on the side of the "spoon". The body was now cold and colder now became warmer. I felt the contiguous place in the back became hot, the rubbing caused a hard sense of tickle. This was the first time I had a touch of meat skin with women, the desire of the big son in me probably woke up and started screaming. It was time for a while later, another shadow rushed into "Mi, translated out for Tau with". This time I was further pressed, tightly unable to float. The tunnel for 2 people should now become more tight into 4. "Put the spoon" but this time I became facilitating. The heat of her heat was rushed, I was about to sit up but afraid to do the embarrassment so I had to lie still. Located that two hands flatly tight into the "debt", fearless it's a chill that "wake up", no longer the chapps! The air in the tunnel becomes tense. The older senior still sleeps or he pretended to sleep, he knew. Suddenly a hand crawled through my stomach, slowly leaking. "Start," I think "I think so and stretch the stomach to the back of the couple, don't let the gap but the gap is hand in. That hand continued to walk to the gentleman, I chuckled. But only a moment later saw that hand turned and seemed to be placed right away where my hands were opened before. The finger starts n

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