Sleeping To See A Leg, Got Up Seeing A Cobra Into The Blanket

Seeing the boy sleeping drunk, the cobra was quietly approached and pulled into the blanket, a few minutes later, when she was tossed from the blanket, the snake rushed to attack and sprayed onto ups and sprays on / 1: 29 South Host occurred in Banswara, Rajasthan, northern India. At that time, Mr. Jai Upadhyay was sleeping drunk on a striped projection at Mandareshwar Temple, a Shiva Temple. From the image of the surveillance camera can be seen that, when Jai is sleeping, on the person only Applying a thin blanket, suddenly there was a fairly small cobra that appeared. This snake slowly approaches JAI

. When he saw the boy without a bit of reaction, the cobra silently pulled into Jai's thin blanket, crawling from his chest on his thigh.Con cobra quietly pulled into his blanket Jai Upadhyay. A few minutes later, Jai still wown
Then the snake worked quite strongly causing the boy to feel something unusual, he panicked up. In the process of giving up, Jai also knocked out blankets and jumped away, this action made a tiger snake angry, it caught, puffed out and jumped up to attack Jai. Fortunately, the snake was still quite small and Not too aggressive, facilitating JAI running in time. After that, the poisonous snake also drowned quickly. Indian press More information, Mandareshwar Temple is located in the middle of the Aravalli Mountains, where cobra and other dangerous wildlife species include freezes Wandering at night. The Indian cobra is one of the most lucent animals for Indians, it is protected under this country's wildlife protection law. Italian / VTC

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