Slimming Foods Suitable For Each Body Parts

You feel your body is not perfect, 'excess fat' in some parts. Please refer to the slimming foods suitable for each position, body parts below! 0:00 / 1: 57nam Northern You are face fat, chin to think of celery. Celery helps make the face small. A celery can contain between 4 and 5 energy calories. But to chew this celery tree, you need to take 5 to 8 energy calories

. When entering the stomach, you need about 5 calories to consume. Thus, the energy needs to consume celery trees you eat higher the amount of energy that you absorb into the body. Big hand, "the shoulder of muscles", eat strawberries
In the weight loss menu of the fat person, you often see strawberries very little appear, but if it comes to reducing the fat on the shoulders, strawberries are very effective. In strawberries contain a substance called natural acid to help convert fat in your biceps. So if you often eat strawberries will be able to get a slim arm as desired. Large hands, "shoulder muscles", eat strawberries. Artwork. Want to reduce thigh fat, white radish is a choice. Let the two thighs are no longer hateful fats, eat lots of radishes. In radish contains an oil that consumes fat energy during metabolism. This substance works to help grease from skin accumulation. For those with big thighs, eat radish is the most appropriate
Reduce shoulder fat, eat a lot of gold. There was no girl who wanted me to have "tumor shoulder". In fact, if you understand the cause of greacing, you will easily find the appropriate method. The shoulder unit easily accumulates fat because when the amount of sugar in the blood absorbed will quickly be metabolized into fat. If you want to reduce fat in this department, perhaps the gold orange is best because in the yellow orange not only contains a little calorie content that also has an acid that helps to impact the body's sugar absorption process to help prevent the body too. Transformer into fat. Thus, if you regularly eat gold orange will be able to keep the slim shape as desired. Big legs make you lose confidence when wearing a short skirt. Don't worry, if you encounter the problem, eat watermelon. In the watermelon also contains a substance that is similar to the lemon, which helps eliminate toxins as well as eliminate fat in the food you have eaten. In addition, in watermelon also contains a rich iron content, can add nutrients to help the legs are smooth. Enterprise (General)

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