Small Article Praised By City Leaders

In recent years, along with promoting synchronous development of 3 types of printed newspapers, electronic newspapers and security television (ATV), the policy - steering throughout the editorialism of the Security Newspaper Expanding and socializing the problems of political, economic and cultural life. However, in that general trend, there is still the 'source circuit' to the field - a very important piece of pieces, is the police work, which is always assessed as the 'specialty' of the Security Newspaper. Ha Trung "because of peace of life" familiar readers, or just pay a little bit of mind that it will find it easy to see the layout in the capital printed newspaper always spends pages 5 and 14-15 now to reflect love Pictures, results ..

. Working faces related to the people's police force in general and Hanoi Police in particular. In particular, the most seniorly shaped page is page 5 - "because peace of life" that correspondent boarding board in the past do decades often calls a relatively "building page". Current points, I had 18 years of attachment to the Capital Security Newspaper
"Building a force" has a long time ago when I was about "the house" that I was, I was and determined to attend this. Many generations of brothers and sisters, colleagues in the main board, whether full of experience or new jobs, all have the same comment: "The most difficult and afraid of writing, submitting the construction page to build forces"! If page 14 -15, specializing in reflecting the results of struggle, crime prevention, with cases, cases, which are easy to "process" by many circumstances; Page 5, only focus on writing on the construction of police forces, on the basis of sticking, reflecting the implementation and results of public security topics and plans. "Fairy" talking about me, so without the process of attaching to the base police to know the job, understanding, the completion of the article for the construction site will soon be falling into the path and dry Hard, forced. That's not to mention, every 5-day page must have a post! "Looking angle" with the "Vividing" requirements Page 5, I remember at that time around 2006, 2007, Editorial Board of Internal Facility Deploy a new column with criteria: "The number of words does not need too much. But the right people, right things, praise and criticism. In particular, sticking to the criteria "Building forces". And, "perspective" - the daily category with a hand located in the left corner of the end of page 5, the most not exceeding 600 words, was born! That period, I was about the capital security to be 2, 3 years; The youngest inner board! Small teams then have more than 10 people, but all "trees" write internal interior are even a lot of colleagues inform you. I was lucky to be attached, learned and "transmit fire" from the time. And now, I am always mindful of one of the "fire transfers" for themselves, forging for their sense of responsibility for the most work, love the most newspaper is the head of the internal board at thestote. Newspaper Tran Thi Hoang Tram
Maybe because of being the "new soldier" of the board of the main board, so I was a relatively written divergence of the assignment for the "perspective", by: "I have a new look. Sometimes ... don't understand a little, but the way to look straight, carefree, will meet construction requirements. Just "look", just write, where is the standard, the commander will adjust ... ". I remember how to set the issue of Mr. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanoi City, Vietnam Journalist Association to visit the Spring Newsletter of the Capital Security Newspaper "Error at the ... button" that day, early in the middle of the month 7. Sunny and absent. According to the work schedule, I went to the headquarters of the city inner city. The staff did not know me, because I received a handover, watching the area. Entering the hall room, the ceiling fan turned, the window opened the wind. Without sad greeting, it doesn't stand up, "entangled" the most eye is the two buttons of the middle-aged official officer, seeing the sweat. Even when I suggested, I just received a shake my head: "Shelf, hot like anyone!". "Error at the ... buttons" - the article circle 500 letters I produce, submit a command immediately At the end of that afternoon and "pretty" in the left corner of Trang 5, the number of releases the next morning. Everything seems to pass, like life inherently! The whole unit meeting, the sixth day of the week, I remember it forever. Comrade Editor-in-Chief Dao Le Binh informed: "City leaders call the Board of Directors of CATP Hanoi praise the capital Security with the article" Strictly speaking, true ". That's "error at the ... button". The small article, but has enabled important issues about the reception of citizenship and arranging civilian civil servants must always keep posture, struggling, behavioral culture of the people of the People's Police. The next day, I went to the district police, to meet the right staff "forget" to install the shirt, and "unknowingly" to leave the post a newspaper praised by the city. The next day, I came back and met the officer again. The ceiling fan and the window still welcomed the wind. But, no longer have to see the chest molds that are sweated! The small article is praised by the city, sometimes I told my colleagues, especially young reporters of the board of internal board. With simple thoughts: posts

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