Smart Consumption Will Not Waste Money For 7 Beauty Products

0:00 / 2: 37 Southern menu smart use will not waste money for 7 beauty products Many women use different beauty products and regularly add new products to the collection of surname. But popular products do not always bring good results, even causing wasting money. Face roller Beauty experts think that the face roller helps clean the toxin skin, reduce the puffiness, remove wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. But the dermatologists say that the only plus point of this type of rolling As a massage, can be done with another technique without using a special device. At the same time, you should clean the roller thoroughly, because the skin particles and other substances accumulate on it

. A dirty roller can easily make your skin infected with illustration. Illustration.Kem peeling you to apply skin peeling gel, you can feel how to remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin according to the skin literally
In fact, the lumps you touch are cellulose - a substance of the product.Gel peeling does not really peel off, but it exfoliaes slightly. The dermatologists think you should consult a specialist before using gel, especially if you are indigenous, acne, red egg disease or other skin diseases. Illustration Number of homemade masks Many women beautify with homemade masks created from available materials at home. Some of them useful, some other useless, some are even dangerous. For example, you certainly do not use hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil or nail polish to make masks, although these components are often found in a variety of popular homemade masks. Illustration. Peeling you to remove the mask that peeled out, the glue can hurt your top skin just by tearing its part, this can make your situation worse. This injury leads to the natural fence of weakened skin. This fence protects the skin from external impacts and helps moisturize, if damaged, the skin will be more susceptible to inflammation and irritation
In fact, there are many other ways to ventilated pores and eliminate sebums. The illustration of the eye-eye is not useless in the skin care effort. However, they only give temporary efficiency. Moreover, the eye patch is a cosmetics that wastes money due to only one use. Better yet, you should take advantage of skin lotions to save, get long-term efficiency. The illustration of skin dyeing is little mistaken for use of skin dye cosmetics will be safer than lying in bed or drying sunny. Meanwhile, the dermatologist insists nothing to ensure "safety". New natural skin color is really strongest, you should think carefully before abusing cosmetics. Unfortunate reef treatment, stretch cream also doesn't bring many benefits. This cosmetics are only capable of moisturizing. Therefore, if you have this problem, you need to find more positive methods. Linh (according to Brightside)

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