Smoke Causes The Skin To Form An Unexpectedly Fast Growing Hill And Aging

Smoke from air pollution will make the skin increase the speed of wrinkles and torture spots, as well as hives and inflammation, inflammation, 00/2: 12 Southern areas of environmental movements are increasingly complex, smoke Dust due to the means of transport, forest fire and construction. So far, problems occur with skin such as dermatitis, torture, freckles, etc. are often thought to be due to the impact of the chemicals of cosmetic products. But the fact that dust is a significant cause for human skin spreads. The environment contaminates a great impact on human skin

. Photo: Dailymail Dust can even penetrate into the skin, can cause inflammation or worse dermatitis. They can activate melanocytes cells (a cell forming melanin) stimulating production Excess of pigmentation, accelerating uneven skin making processes. They can also cause redness of the skin in general, Hong Ban and even hives
The Global Education Director of LULTROFFEES- BAÈLIZABTH FARDON Analysis, forest fire analysis Exhausted super small seeds into the atmosphere called PM, PAHS and Multi-round hydrogen (Nitrogen) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can cause wrinkle and spots of baitLiElizabeth Fardon, said: "Oil and dust remained on the skin can Contribute to clogging, aging and inflammation. Now when you use skin care products, there is no effect. So it is important to cleanse the skin 2 times to wash your face 2 times in the evening then move to products containing vitamin C and vitamin E, which acts against free radical lesions together "." Exposure to pollutants in no k Hes can lead to fast and dull aging - so niacinamide acts as a precaution as well as reduces the current skin concerns, "Ms. Fardon said. To treat skin problems Trade from environmental impact needs to reach the quality of quality reputation to clean deep. However, Ms. Fardon advises, what should not be done during this time is exfoliating, using unbalanced pH, stressful products. It is necessary to use SPF protection products. "Always need an antioxidant layer under SPF to achieve complete protection and always use skin care products at night, when the skin is at the recovery stage and recover the maximum" Ms
Fardon said . Although everyone is at risk of skin problems due to pollution, people with eczema should pay special attention because dust can cause imbalance in essential substances to create a barrier Healthy skin guards. Thanh Van / VietQ

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