Snake Idea Is The Messenger Of Gods, Woman Rolling Up And Died Carpet

Poisonous snake rolls on the neck, the woman died carpet in the sacride to worship the god she respected. It is worth mentioning, she still has a chance to live if it is taken to the Institute in time.0: 00/1: 42 namtheo gulfnews, tragedy day, Ms. Runiya Devi, a woman from Jharkhand, India Join the sacrificial activities of Shiva Spirit. This is a big religious event for the gods to be considered "the lord of snakes"

. Strictly pitted page, suddenly Ms. Runiya Devi saw a big snake. This snake is not afraid of people and comfortably appearing in front of Runiya Devi
Nghĩ that it is the messenger of Shiva factions, the woman picked up the snake and rolled it into her neck before starting the rituals Other Solid Worship is the Messenger of God, the woman rolling up the person and died the carpet - Illustration. Then, people continue to worship and pray, they sing the religious songs by drums and Other traditional instruments. During the process of implementing these rituals, everyone is too engrossed in singing without notice that Ms. Runiya Devi has been bitten by snakes. Only when Runiya Devi falls to the ground, everyone is scratched and quickly reviewed Her condition. However, instead of immediately calling emergency or bringing Runiya Devi to the nearest medical centers, the villagers call a local witch to "cure" to the woman. Excessive superstition, Runiya Devi gave up at the ceremony to worship me respectfully, a 65-year-old man in Nalanda district, Bihar, India was also died of after being solid Single bites, he did not go to the hospital to treat but angry bite the poisonous snake. According to the recent report, in the past 20 years, there were 1.2 million people died of snakes in India. On average, up to 58,000 deaths per year
Nearly half of the victims are from 30 to 69 years old, more than 1/4 of the victims are children under 15 years old. Italy (CNT)

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