Sneaking Into The Chicken Stall To Eat, Foxes With 2 Pitbull Dogs Discovered And Severely Attacked

Two dogs but also very well trained in 9: 00/0: 43 Festive cuts from Clip A fox sneaked into the chicken barn to eat but unfortunately for it, homeowners and two pitbull dogs False has discovered this plot. The fox tried to run away the no longer exits, while the two Pitbull dogs rushed like 'lightning'. Each child attacks a different point of the fox, in which a baby bites into the throat And the other bite into the tail to hold tightly. In this position, the fox was completely unable to run away or punished. It was bitten by two ferocious dogs to death

. Two dogs are aggressive but show that dogs are well trained and very obeyed by the owner, when the owner says they stop, they both have left the victims. Definition of stolen chicken sunflowers / Fatherland newspapers

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