‘soi’ Super-sold Ford F-150 2021 Is Only Vnd 2 Billion In Cambodia

The imported car market in Cambodia is very exciting when many new models are continuously taken. Notably, a private car entry here has taken to the new generation Ford F-150 form from Mexico. We know that the Ford F-150 or the Ford F-150 or the majority-selling lines are imported from American market. However, the shortage of chips has now caused US automakers like Ford and Toyota is having trouble producing new vehicles to deliver to customers and agents. If you buy in the US market at the moment It is possible that the reason for private car import stores in Cambodia to find a new Ford F-150 2021 car imported from the Mexican market

. It can be less known that the large-size loading line Ford F-150 has a name Another called "Ford Lobo" in the Mexican market. And the full name of the car is the new generation Ford Lobo 2021 instead of Ford F-150. To be familiar, in the article we will call "Ford F-150"
The new Ford F-150 2021 car price is taken to Cambodia in the Lariat version with a sales of about 90,000 USD (about 2 billion dong). In Mexico, Ford F-150 / Lobo This Lariat version has a selling price of about 1,188,900 pesos (equivalent to VND 1.36 billion). Meanwhile, the after-tax price of the F-150 line in Vietnam falls about 3.5-4.5 billion dong. The 3rd generation, Ford F-150 new generation is easily different from the LED headlight cluster Create "L" reverse. The car possesses a newer design grille with 11 types of design options depending on the version. The new generation Ford F-150 uses a new chassis platform using a high strength steel frame, while the body's body is made of aluminum alloy. Lariat version Furniture is equipped with standard "Seamless foot" fitting set 20 inch highlighted aluminum alloy, accompanied by tire 275 / 60r20
According to USA, F-150 completely new to bring the most aerodynamic aerodynamic design ever, the new design allows cars to reduce wind resistance, while improving fuel consumption. V6 gasoline engine capacity 3.5L double turbocharged, Ecoboost technology for maximum capacity of 400 horsepower and maximum torque 677nm. The power is transmitted to four wheels through the 10-speed automatic transmission (10 AT). F-150 Furniture is completely designed to focus on comfort, utilities and technology. Equipped with digital driving support screens, 12-inch large-sized center entertainment, using the new Sync 4 system of voice recognition, supporting connected to Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Entertainment systems use high-end audio systems with 8 speakers b

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