‘soi’ Toyota Vios Gasoline Level, Hyundai Accent, Honda City – Has A Surprising Point!

Of the 3 outstanding names of Class B sedan, where is the name step on the highest podium? 0: 00/2: 33 NAMSUA SOUTH AN THE FIRST MONTH RAND, some agents still maintain incentive programs and Promotional from last month. In particular, there are a number of typical models in Grade B sedan segment such as a model car 'Toyota Vios and neighbors from Korea are Hyundai Accent.Theo, the price of both models mentioned above are currently At very low levels. The lowest price version of Toyota Vios is a MT version with a reference price of 458 million dong, the lowest version of Hyundai Accent is the 1.4 MT version with a reference price of 396 million dong

. Regret Most probably Honda City when information about promotions and incentives' unbelievably faithful. However, in addition to the price, the level of fuel consumption is also one of the factors affecting the decision 'Down money' of consumers. So, 3 typical models of Grade B sedan segments above have fuel consumption? Fuel consumption of Toyota Vios Fuel consumption of Toyota Vios E MT 2021
Figures manufacturer Published.Toyota Vios was too familiar with many people interested in the car market. The advantages of the car always have the leading sales of this segment can be mentioned as durable operations, spacious space, deep cool air conditioning ... Operation, Toyota Vios is not a car model Sports direction. The engine block of Toyota Vios has a capacity of 106 horsepower, enough to meet the usual needs of the user. Fuel consumption of Hyundai Accent Fuel consumption of Hyundai Accent 1.4 MT 2021. Production published
In the last base, Hyundai Accent is one of the most preferential models with the lowest version of the price with a price of some segmented cars. Added there, Hyundai Accent also has other advantages, marking with youthful, dynamic designs with a large space. In addition, Hyundai Accent also has 2 extremely worthwhile features, which is a remote boot with the key and stable anti-slip system VSM. However, there is a surprising thing about this Hyundai model Using the engine with a real capacity of only 1.35L, but the level of fuel consumption according to the manufacturer's publication is not too good. Fuel consumption of Honda City Fuel consumption of Honda City G 2021. Figures published by the manufacturer. In the sedan segment B, Honda City is one of the models that clearly show sports and modernity. In the exterior right away, users can see the sharp lines, ribs at the hips and the rears. Also are the details of black, sexy sports such as in mirrors, grilles, tail-tail winds ... This feature is not only on exterior and can also be seen on the face to operate with the block The strongest engine segment. For compatibility, Honda has equipped for vehicle transfer, certain chassis and suspension systems are rated as hard, sporty.

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