Solid Bell To Use Hearing Hallucinations To Fool The Human Brain

Western bell solid, one of the known bell snakes is to use frequency jumps to deceive the ears. This secret is a surprising example of the evolution of snake species 9: 00/1: 51 HAPPY HAPPY. The scientists said that the bell tail "ripped" the horn structure on the tail of the tail They to warn enemies, gradually increase the frequency when the attacker can come closer. But now they have discovered that the snake can have another trick in its arsenal, a frequency jump Suddenly in the sound of the creek that it uses to fool the listener. "Our data shows that the sound of the snake bell, is understood for decades as a simple sound warning signal about The presence of snakes, in fact a much more complex communication signal, "said Professor Boris Chagnaud, the author of the neuroscience in the University of Karl-Franzens - Graz University in Austria Know

. To find out the cause behind this phenomenon, he and his team recorded the frequency of continuling cry when many different objects were taken to the snake. When the threat of approaching the timesFirst, the sprinkling sound increases with a stable speed to a frequency of 40 Hz, but when objects come closer, the frequency suddenly increases from 60 to 100 Hz.Chagnaud said that the solid of the bell should be virtually This strange auditory image to create "safe distance" between them and potential attackers
He said: "Like other snakes, the bell tail, which has a lot of species in North America, Quan The mind comes not to be discovered rather than confronting any animal other than their prey. Although the bell's snake can protect himself with venom but the snakes try to avoid using it when possible. Chagnaud said: "Snake not just shouted to inform their presence, but they Has developed a creative solution: a sound distance alert device similar to the device in the car while driving backwards. The results of thousands of tests showed that it did so to avoid being stepped up. "According to Ha Thu / Tien Phong

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