Solid Sea Olive – ‘killer’ Toxic Dragon On The Ocean Floor

Olive sea snakes are often hidden under coral reefs with venom sufficiently fatal to any species, including humans.00: 00/02: 43 Source: lovenature (vietsub: zing) Olive sea snakes can kill 20 Adult at the same time with the amount of venom pumped after a bite. Owning the head with a threatening and aggressive appearance, the Olive Sea Snake is one of the "hunters" with the sea bottom. They have 4mm long fangs used to pump 2 different venom types after each bite into a bad prey. When different types of venom are pumped into the prey body (a type of nerve attack, a type Attack mechanics), the victim will quickly suffer painful death

. Also, they can also be in the water at a very respectable speed with the ability to appear suddenly before the prey with olfactory "sniffing "Extremely sensitive. A secret weapon that this sea snake owns it is nerve cells capable of feeling light in the tail. This advantage is no different from having them a "eye set", making them easy to hunt and avoid greater enemies
Phan Nguyen

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