Solskjaer Blamed Jurgen Klopp Made Mu Difficult

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer blamed Jurgen Klopp, making Manchester United disadvantaged by the ruling of the referees.HLV Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has allegedly accusing Jurgen Klopp colleagues that have impacted the referee that Manchester United did not penalize Temple.Solskjaer argued that Cristiano Ronaldo should have enjoyed at least two penalties in 3 times falling in his penalty area in the match against West Ham United 2-1 in the 5-year Premier League round. All Ronaldo fell in the penalty was referred by the referee of Martin Atkinson and Var, but in the Battle of Mu lost to West Ham 0-1 in the most recent Carabao Cup, Solskjaer also said that MU deserved to be enjoyed 11m in phase Lingard Fall in the penalty area from the impact of Mark Noble.Lieu Klopp has succeeded in making MU disadvantaged by the referee's decisions? Photo: Reuters last season, Liverpool's coach Jurgen Klopp complained that MU enjoyed 11m in the last 2 years under Solskjaer more than 11m Liverpool's fruits enjoyed throughout Klopp's term in Anfield

.Sau failed 0-1 Liverpool by Southampton in January last year in the match that Liverpool was denied 2 fruits 11m, Klopp complained: "Mu enjoys 11m for two years more than I for 5 and a half years in Liverpool" .solskjaer for the comments Klopp has exonely affected officials and since then, the referees reluctant to use 11m.Solskjaer shared in the press conference against Aston Villa tonight: "We only want to get What we deserve to be enjoyed
We should have had 3 11m in the nearest matches. There was a manager who was worried about we received the 11m last year and then the arbitration was more difficult to make decisions. Since then, I have seen a big difference ".Solskjaer is very disappointed by the decisions of the referees. Photo: Reuterssolskjaer praised goalkeeper David de Gea that showed a very good style at the beginning of this season, while regaining the No. 1 position in the MU wooden frame from Dean Henderson.Solskjaer said: "David de Gea called I to finish the summer vacation early and return to training before the season. He wants to be ready and become its best version. David had a challenging last season, he didn't play a lot of matches because Dean Henderon came into the field and played very well. Daivid has really better worked, physically and mentally better
And when you feel yourself completing the job, it gives you more confidence and motivation. David played behind four strong defenders. But the fact that David played was very good for our defenders ".Solskjaer confirmed Edinson Cavani came back after injury and was present in the MU squad attending the match with Aston Villa. Solsa said: "Cavani will be in the team. Cavani is practicing and he feels ready to dedicate right from now on ".Ronaldo falls in the penalty area but MU does not receive any 11m fruits. Photo: Pamu will enter the match against Aston Villa right at lunch time (he now). Meanwhile, the Premier League 6-round five-round match between Chelsea and Manchester City on Stamford Bridge takes place at the same time. Currently MU is ranked third on the Premier League table with 13 points, with Chelsea and Liverpool but stood later due to poor numbers.Solskjaer added: "It's an early match but the important thing in the first two months You must help the team have good achievements. And so far, we had a good start with 13 points. We have scored a lot of goals.Manchester United still have to do and there will be difficult challenges ahead. But Manchester United pounded the foundation to build motivation and hope we will do it before Aston Villa ".Solskjaer is in the Premier League good start with MU but other Fronts are not. Photo: Getty The last 6 Premier League round between Manchester United and Aston Villa will take place at 18:30 today (25-9) on Old Trafford.

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