Solskjaer Plans To Use Ronaldo

The teacher was also once the team of Ronaldo in MU, Old Gunnar Solskjaer spoke about the plan to use Ronaldo for a long time. "Going out that the rival must run by Ronaldo, but I have to" preserve this "treasure" , Solskjaer shared. Protect and manage "heavy artillery" at age 36 is a problem that makes Solskjaer holders carefully consider. Coach Solskjaer said he would carefully manage "treasures" and tried best to create a balance in the team. 36 years old but Ronaldo still "sung" as 19 years old

. Photo: Fetty to go to MU to encounter Switzerland's Young Boys in the Champions League, Solskjaer is afraid of "Buffalo children" Young Boys rocks unknown who. Therefore, even if Ronaldo is very healthy, it is very good, "Young Boys" has no pressure. Ronaldo's encouragement will also make "Young Boys" excited to find ways to prevent MU's 36-year-old machine from MU
solskjaer acknowledge: "It's hard to squeeze his name (Ronaldo) from the list of competitions with Young Boys, But one thing I see is that the 36-year-old Ronaldo is no different from Greenwood, 19 years old. They are so fine. I need to "manage" Ronaldo tight in every minute. On the other hand, I respect Ronaldo myself in the corner of whether he prepared good fitness for the starting season, although I knew that the opponent was always chasing him. "Laughing the Premier League weekend Go to MU as a guest on West Ham Utd.

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