Solve Skin Scams In A Snap With A Few Tips From Natural Raw Materials, Both Cheap And Effective

The majority of facial puting cases can be solved with appropriate skin care efforts or aesthetic intervention solutions.0: 00/2: 21 southern region of the skin is a common condition after long drying time or Fish eggs, hormone disorders related to pregnancy, using birth control pills, menopause or using some pharmaceuticals. Most cases of facial purities are usually to aesthetic centers. The illustration. Suitable skin protection measures - Ultraviolet rays stimulate mutant pigment cells increase melanin production

. Or sometimes the artificial solarium (solarium), others are fish eggs: puberty, middle age, because of skin diseases such as psoriasis, allergy dermatitis (eczema). In addition to aesthetic measures, sisters can completely solve the problem by natural methods. I can try 4 homemade tips home masks, promote effective with many sisters
Lemon juice mask 1 small spoon of lemon juice mixed with small spoon honey and moderate sugar yogurt, to create a similar mixture of pastes. Apply a mixture to create an unusual facial area, keep the status in 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. Mixture of turmeric1 / 2 tablespoons Mixed with small glasses of fresh milk. Mix the two components and then apply the mask to the dark skin area. Wash with warm water after 15 minutes. Walnut seeds1 Small spoons of walnut seeds mixed with a small spoon of honey and the amount of walnut grinding smooth enough, to create a paste form. Apply a homemade mask to face for about 60 minutes, followed by washing. You can also apply only the evening walnut seed oil, before going to bed and rinse the next morning. Red onion1 Onions wash, peel with small cells
Use the "onion powder" to cover the mask on your face. It is also possible to force red onions (1 tuber) to get water, then apply it to the face. Both ways are maintained for 5 minutes. Finally rinse with cold water. It is best to take 2 times / day. The cosmetic surface is in cosmetic stores and some pharmacies are available against skin-resistant creams. You should choose the type of product component to rich vitamin C, arbutin, hydroquinone and tretinoin. In addition to the specified compound, ice cream must have skin recovery and protection components, such as Panthenol to promote skin cooling effects, vitamin E-promotes the effect of skin recovery with some vegetable oils providing nutrients and protects skin damage. Good and beautiful

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