Son Ye Jin Alone Goes To Shop, Revealing 2 Big Rounds

The latest series of hyun bin's girlfriend made the audience unexpectedly because she was involved in the monks. New, Son Ye Jin posted a new series when she was shopping alone. In the photo, Hyun Bin's girlfriend received a lot of compliments for elegant style. She is still young and beautiful despite the age of U40. The beauty of Son Ye Jin quickly became the topic of talking

.Son Ye Jin alone to go shopping. Have fun choosing a skirt in the store. Blazer was covered outside the neck sweater
She used more lumbar accessories to show off her slim waist. But many people pay attention to Son Ye Jin's abdominal ring to see it clearly. This beautiful sister's question once again appeared. There are many people who think Son Ye Jin is pregnant, so there is a change in shape like that. Moreover, there was news she was going shopping preparing to marry with Hyun Bin. At this moment, the net people fluttered about the famous couple's wedding Kbiz.Son Ye Jin caused many people to pay attention to the first round. The fans only to eye on Son Ye Jin's abdomen Son Ye Jin adhered to the secret question. Many people think that she is pregnant. But many people have noticed the audience really too noticed to Son Ye Jin
The new thick shirt made her reveal the second round. Son Ye Jin does not have the appearance and the face of the elected person. Moreover, she went to high heels and the most obvious demonstration to negate her pregnant. In addition, Son Ye Jin to the store this time is not to shop for wedding preparation. She just visited the store that I made an advertising model. At this time, the actress is also busy playing the new movie, so the marriage is unable to get pregnant. Reality, Son Ye Jin pointed to the store that she was a model model. Her pictures shoot for the door Item.Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have been publicly loved for nearly a year. However, the couple constantly stick to pregnant and married rumors. It seems that the fans are still involved in the house of 2 people more than the main character. Wedding stories, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are not in a hurry. Some older people. He was aggravated to the previous time. Some people believe that Son Ye Jin "uses" his boyfriend. But in fact, fans looked at Hyun Bin too much because when he went to the event he still had a shape of the gods like before. The fans actively expressed the desire for Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin soon to marry.Gemini

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